What We Wore This Week: w/ the Heavyweights of LaSU

Hey Tim here! (it’s been a while since I’ve written something here SORRY) As our school year comes to a close here at La Sierra University, we wanted to have one last look at the groomed and well-dress here on campus. Our finds this week feature some of the movers and shakers that contribute and make up a big part of our campus, such as our very own President Wisbey and Pastor Sam!

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Old Ethan, My Style Evolution, and The Journey to Being Myself


A big part of this blog is being intentional about the menswear aesthetic you want.  My issue early on was that I didn’t know what aesthetic I wanted. In short, I didn’t even know what being “Ethan” meant.

Read on and enjoy the podcast episode about how long and anxiety-inducing this path was for me (and Spencer).

And if you’re wondering, yes, that first picture is supposed to be cringe.

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