The Levi’s 501 CT: High Rise Selvedge Denim

Everyone knows that I’m a big proponent of high rise trousers.  They make you look slimmer and make your legs look longer; you can’t lose while wearing them!  However, you can’t wear trousers everyday.  Even I don’t do that.  There are days when I wear jeans, but I seldom wear them with tailored clothing (button ups, jackets, etc) due to the fact that most jeans out there have a super low rise.  I had tried on some vintage denim that had a high-rise but it was way out of price range. However Levis came through with the 501 CT line, which have become my go to jean.

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Branding Yourself at Meet the Firms


Every year, La Sierra University hosts a Meet the Firms Night, an event where business and students get to interact and develop their networks.  Unfortunately, people come to the event wearing the most basic corporate attire, students and businesses included.  However, there were some individuals who stood out to me among the sea of boring black suits. Kudos to these guys for being able to look stylish and professional, as they handed out resumes for potential jobs or advertised their business to the people in attendance.

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