The Podcast

After years of writing about menswear, I decided to start a podcast- just so I could talk about menswear some more.  And so, Style & Direction was born. It’s a fun, laid back podcast where Spencer and I are able to talk candidly about vintage and contemporary menswear, but without any stuffiness.  That’s the catchphrase, if you didn’t know.

Every two weeks, we release a podcast episode, each one being a discussion about a particular menswear topic. Sometimes it’s about our favorite bags or how much we love the spearpoint collar. Other times it’s discussing how we “dress up in a dressed down world” or how our Leftist politics interact with our menswear interests!

It’s been a fun creative project that I’m proud to make just as consistent as this blog.  Its generated a great audience that is just a part of the conversation as Spencer and me, especially as we’ve also added more casual discussions by streaming on Twitch (done while playing videogames)!

You can find our podcast at the following links or wherever you get your podcasts:

Don’t forget to read the SaD Cast Show Notes to follow along with the pod!

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If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor on the pod, feel free to reach out to us! If our interests line up and you’re a company that is along the lines of what we believe in, we would be happy to read ad copy before or after the show and include something in our show notes.  This is not for the purposes of an editorial or a review, but for general ad announcements!

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