On Ethan & Spencer

I don’t know what you expected- this [free] blog is done mainly by me (Ethan M. Wong) with a bit of contributions from Spencer. But that’s what makes it fun.  Each of us has our own  style and approach to classic menswear, which certainly comes through in the variety of essays on this site.  Feel free to follow us on Instagram to see what we’re up to or DM us if you ever have any questions!

And don’t forget to listen to the podcast.


Ethan M. Wong Writer/Photographer

Ethan is a hobbyist photographer and vintage & contemporary menswear enthusiast who currently works at a creative media agency. His own take on fashion has its roots in various historical styles like Apparel Arts and ivy-trad which when combined with contemporary pieces, results in a unique philosophy on classic menswear.  He also is a contributor for the Styleforum Journal and his photography has been featured by Pasadena Magazine, 2120 Handcrafted, and the Wellema Hat Co.   Ethan is a huge Star Wars fan and has even composed the scores to student films.


Spencer OtteContributor

Spencer is a journalism student from Orange County who has been collecting vintage clothing since his freshman year of high school. Although his wardrobe consists primarily of pieces from the 1930s-1950s, he is slowly building a collection of contemporary, ivy inspired pieces. He helps edit the blog, occasionally writes his own articles, and co-hosts the companion podcast, Style and Direction. In his free time, he enjoys studying history and political theory (fucking nerd).

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