Ad and Sponsorship Policy

Street x Sprezza does not receive any  regular revenue from any brands or companies.  Because this is a free wordpress account, advertisements do appear on reader’s screens; please note that we are not in control of that experience and we highly suggest using an Ad-Blocker if you do not wish to see ads.   We also do not have any official paid sponsors, whether they are on-going or single-use.  Basically, we’ve never been paid money for an article.

Most of the reviews on this blog are about products that were paid completely by us for our own purposes.  Things like the SJC Two-Tone Waistcoat and the Indochino DB were paid by me out of my own pocket.  They were bought because I liked them at the time and wanted to own them.

With that said, I have definitely received a few items for free. Most were done as a literal gift, from a friend or colleague in the industry.  For some others, they were done in exchange for an article, but with no specific or laid-out terms. In all cases, a disclaimer will be stated outright at the beginning and end of the article.  The brands have absolutely no say in the editorial content. All opinions are mine alone.   Honestly, I prefer not to take free items for the sake of content, as you know I have no issues with coming up with ideas on a weekly basis.

I believe that transparency is key for keeping a high quality blog and we’re always happy to answer any questions regarding this policy.   Please let us know if you have any concerns over any products.  We also do not do any articles about products I have not handled my self.  I believe that a hands-on experience is the best way to get to know a product; simply seeing pictures does nothing for me!

I will also admit that as a guy who works in the menswear industry, I’ve made a few colleagues who work at different places or have started their own line.  Through these friends, I have had a few discounts and gifted items given to me. As always, these will be disclosed in the article.  One example is the complementary Drake’s MTO tie, which was given to me by my friend Chris who works for Drake’s. I thought it would be great to write an article about it, as I had never done a MTO tie before or even purchased many things from the brand (at least at that time).

While I’m no stranger to doing reviews of products, I’m also pretty picky. I (and my blog) have a very defined aesthetic (which has honed in over the past few years) and that will always play a part in this sponsorship/ad policy.  A lot of things have changed lately, especially with the advocation of more “high-end” items like Alden, Drake’s, and Ascot Chang.  That has just come about due to evolving taste and my desire to save for pieces that I like rather than to simply get the budget option or thrift everything.  I will always be completely honest with any review since don’t want to advocate something that we wouldn’t normally buy on our own!

I understand that Die, Workwear, PTO, and Permanent Style all have regular sponsors.  I could see myself going down this route, but I like being independent and free to write about anything I want.  I would never want my editorial direction to be influenced by others!  I’ll review gifted products yes, but I will never let them have a say in what I write.

While the blog continues to be independent, I have decided to open up my podcast for sponsorships and ad reads! I maintain that the main “body” of the pod (the discussion or interview) will be free from any outside intrusion, but we have since started reading ad spots in the beginning/ending of an episode, as well as a feature a tagged title card in our IG stories.

The Show Notes will be the only piece of content on Street x Sprezza that will have a sponsor, which will be mentioned and linked in a section before the episode outline.  It is important to maintain this distinction, as The Podcast and Show Notes are separate from the main essays that make up this blog.  Additionally, not every Podcast episode/Show Notes will have a sponsor; essays with an accompanying podcast episode will not have sponsors.

With that said, we do have a Patreonavailable for you to contribute to for the Podcast.  If you do join, you get access to our exclusive Discord channel as well as an extra bonus episode. It’s my hope that we get to a stage where the podcast can be self sufficient on Patreon alone, but until that happens, we will be open to having sponsors/ads on the podcast.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about this policy.


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