What We Wore This Week: “Coats in the Evening”


It’s been a while since we’ve done daily outfits, so here we go!

A few days ago, the guys and I decided to have dinner.  To my surprise, we were all wearing some badass coats.

Spencer with Vintage Style


You can always count on Spencer to wear vintage.  With a relatively simple ensemble, it is his coat that does all of the talking.  It’s pretty rare to see a double breasted plaid Mackinaw in this day and age.  Most of them now are single breasted and can come with a hood.  While the single breasted version exudes a 50’s vibe, the double breasted one harkens further into the past.  These types (some with a full belt, like a trench coat) were common work/winter wear in the 1930’s and 1940’s.   With a new tweed cap and his trusty boots, Spencer is ready to take on the cold.



Did you see that belt back?  There’s no pleats or bi-swing action, but it’s still a nice detail.  It makes everything fitted.

 Jay in Cool Casual

Someone’s got his own BGJ, but in coat form!  It’s a bit of a streetwear spin on a classic outfit.  What makes it classic?  Well under the coat, he’s got a striped band collar shirt, some black trousers, and wingtips.  Band collar shirts have been around for a while (especially the 1990’s) and they’re coming back!   I’ve definitely got to feature them a lot more.  They’re an edgy alternative to the normal shirt thanks to their workwear roots. And, they’re the only shirts that I believe in doing the “air tie” with.

A green coat is way different than the usual black, grey, or camel overcoats that you normally see.  With that said, it’s hard to go to for a minimalistic look because of the color.  If you are lucky enough to grab one of these military inspired pieces, follow Jay’s lead and use it as the “pop” of your dressy-casual outfit.

There is a rule that you can’t wear brown shoes with a black suit.  It’s not a rule with out good reason; brown contrasts too strongly with the full suit.  However, Jay displays the only way you can wear black with brown shoes!  With black chinos (or jeans) you have a casual flair, which makes it appropriate to wear brown shoes.

Ethan in Minimalism

I normally love combining different colors and patterns, but a simple outfit can be just as fun!  Here, I’m wearing a deep navy turtle neck with blue trousers and a black overcoat.  Even though everything fits perfectly, the dark colors add a naturally slimming effect, which I love.

With a sleek coat and a turtleneck, this outfit says NYC much more than LA.  I’ve been really digging the combination of a sweater and overcoat for my latest outfits, but I do want to try and return to the classic way of styling a coat:  with a suit and tie.  However, if you’re feeling lazy and it’s cold out, you’ll instantly look better than everyone else out there if you wear an overcoat with your tee (or sweater) and jeans.  You don’t even have to spend a lot on overcoats!  You can find them all the time at thrift stores or you can peruse eBay in your free time.  That’s what I love to do!



I hope you enjoyed everyone’s outfits!  Stay warm everyone!

Always a pleasure,

Ethan W.

Street x Sprezza

Photography by Ethan W. and Jay V.


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