Dapper Day x Street x Sprezza


It’s official guys.  I’M A HOST FOR DAPPER DAY.  

Just wanted to do another quick update for you guys! Only  a few days ago, I received an email from Justin Jorgensen, the creator of Dapper Day. He had communicated with me before, asking me to be a host for their LACMA event.  Imagine my surprise when he asked me to be a host for the upcoming Spring Dapper Day!  A little funny considering my announcement of ending my street style coverage of the event. Nevertheless I was beyond ecstatic! I’ve attended every Dapper Day since 2013 and it’s crazy to think that I’m a real invited guest.

I’ll be doing a Facebook Livestream on Sunday at the Dapper Day Expo, going around and talking about menswear.  If you haven’t liked their page, you should do so already! It would be great if I could meet some of you guys there! They have discounted rates for Disney tickets (I recommend the Park Hopper) but the Expo is entirely free! It’s like a mini Dapper Day; there’s going to be live music, hair grooming, and a vintage menswear dealers. If I can’t entice you, maybe Benny Reese can! He’ll be there with his fantastic collection of vintage clothing ready to sell.  He’s got a bunch of 38-40 suits, so if you’re near my size it might be time to take the plunge into true Golden-Era vintage!

In addition to the Facebook Livestream, I produced a video with my friends Spencer and Mac about Menswear Basics.  It’s not as detailed as the writing on my blog, but I think it gets the message across!  Remember that Dapper Day (and even this blog) isn’t about dictating hard rules, it’s about a celebration of style! You should always be comfortable in your clothes.  That’s what sprezzatura is all about  right? You can watch the video below:


I hope to see some of you guys there!  Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see my personal experience through the day. I’ll be updating my story constantly so that should be fun entertainment for you guys!

Always a pleasure,

Ethan W.

Street x Sprezza 

Cover Photo by Jon H. 

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