It’s On Ebay: Vintage 1930s-1950’s ties from Vintage-Haberdashers

I thought I’d steal a page from Die, Workwear and Put This ON, by letting you guys know about some vintage ties that are currently (as of July 21, 2017) on eBay! Better get them quick.

Vintage Haberdashers

Spencer Stewart (not the Spencer who is frequently featured on this blog) operates Vintage-Haberdashers on eBay, which is one of the best sellers to follow on the site.  Traveling throughout the United States, Spencer picks up any vintage he can find, whether its from random thrift stores or old boxes from an estate sale.  As a result, he finds some cool shit and has amassed a wealth of knowledge.  He even wrote a treatise on Palm Beach , the rare not-made-anymore fabric that defined summer suiting in the 1920s-1940s; you’ve seen me wear it to the Vintage Hawaiian Party and to the Jazz x Lacma event. 

Here are some of his current listings.

Spencer shoots and lists all of his finds himself, which must be a crazy job considering the photography is very high quality,  the details are always listed, and there’s usually a bunch of items that go up.  You’re not going to get stilted or conned here.  Most people don’t like to buy on eBay because they’re afraid of getting a scam or getting something fake, but that’s why I always say to buy from real vintage people so that you know exactly what you are getting. Just look at his blog; it’s filled with incredible details on pieces I could only dream of owning.

Now while I love to talk about getting real vintage pieces, I really made this post so I could show you where I get some of my vintage ties.  I’ve written about vintage ties already, and you should know that I love them for their interesting designs and great construction.  Both of those things are hard to come by in mall brands; anything else is way out of price range for guys like us.

Vintage Haberdashers is currently in the process of listing hundreds of ties from their latest haul.  Ranging from Ethan style foulards and ivy stripes to bolder 1930’s brocades and late 1940s/early 1950s swing ties, they’ve really got it all.  I implore you to check them out and bid on some ties! If you buy a lot, he’ll gladly combine shipping.  Note that some of these ties are damaged and have signs of wear, but that’s always okay with me! I think it adds character (and I seldom pay more than $40 for a tie).

Here is just a small taste of the ties that are coming out!

I think they’re something for everybody with what he’s got going on. I”m probably going to stick more with what’s on the top picture, since you guys know I love my brocades and geometric prints.

The prices start off very cheaply and you can expect them to hit around $30-$40! Again, this isn’t guaranteed as it really depends on the quality, design/print, and age of the tie. Woven stripes and foulards tend to be cheaper than brocades or swing ties.  I’m not an economist though, so use your eBay strategies as you please!

If there’s nothing up on eBay that you like right now, just give them a follow or reach out to him directly via a private message! He has many clients that he shops for and I’ve even messaged him to find me some ties in the past.  Being apart of vintage menswear facebook groups also helps, since he does post his stuff there first (sometimes, not all the time) before putting them up for auction on eBay.

By the way, this post was not sponsored.  People always ask me where they can get vintage ties and I was tired of it, so here’s one of the best places online that I go to.   I just hope that we don’t get into a bidding war with each other 😉

Spencer’s ebay page is here and you can read his blog and like him on Facebook!

Always a pleasure,

Ethan W.

Street x Sprezza 

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  1. 李欣 · July 21, 2017

    I know this store, most of my ties were buy from here. Cheap and good saving!


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