SadCast Show Notes: Why Details Matter

Our newest podcast episode is live and focuses on why we think details matter!

Here’s some notes and references we made during our latest episode.

  • People are too fixated on price rather than style when they purchase clothing, especially when they are starting out.
  • Basic wardrobe article: it’s important to have a style in mind when making purchases: ivy, vintage, drakes.
  • Fit is important, but also “good fit” is subjective and depends on the style you are going for.
  • Thrifting is a great way to experiment with different styles, without worrying too much about price.
  • Some people would rather have something “new” or “trendy” instead of a distinct style.
  • When you have an aesthetic in mind, that makes it easier to shop.
  • Beginners focus on fit because there are “rules”. It’s easy to find something that fits and looks decent, more difficult to find a unique, stylish outfit. Try to do both.
  • Some guys want the bare minimum without being too flashy, or putting in too much effort.
  • When guys are starting out, they might not notice small details: collar length, lapel shapes, etc.
  • Paying attention to details saves money in the long run since you put your money where you feel is more worth it.
  • Ethan would rather have a half canvas jacket that is styled exactly as he likes, rather than a full canvas jacket that isn’t.
    • This isn’t skimping out: what you wear should look just like you want.
  • Don’t be afraid to be specific with your preferences. You should know what you do and do not want.
  • Fabric is important is often the first thing guys get picky about, so it makes sense to know what you like/prefer.
  • If you’re buying new rather than thrifting, don’t waste your money and make sure it’s something you really like!
  • Italian suits are not better than British suits (taste is definitely subjective), but Ethan prefers them all the same.
  • “No one needs a Patek Phillipe, because an Apple Watch will tell you the time”
  • At a certain point, quality doesn’t get any better.
  • You can’t be a stylish person without paying attention to details and Ethan stands by that.
  • A guy in a striped tee, high waisted jeans, and loafers has more style (to Ethan) than someone wearing a “whatever” plain shirt with sneakers, especially former has intent and direction behind the choices.  However, minimalism has intent as well and is perfectly fine.
  • Even if you have a stylist, at some point, you’ll have to put pieces together yourself, so you have some responsibility.
  • If you really want to dress well, work for it. There’s no shortcut.
  • The shortcut is to copy what you like and study why you like it.

More Info

Aldo Pennys: rounded toe, no shape to last, high vamp.

Alden: interesting stitching, shapely toe and last, lower vamp. Also notice the upper has more shape than the Aldo.

Fast fashion suit with skinny lapels, no shoulder treatment, high button stance, and short length. No cuffs.

Bntailor bespoke with wide/low gorge lapels, 3-roll-2,  strong/extended shoulder with large sleeveheads, and pleated trousers with cuffs.


Q: What are some cool ways to casually wear sport coats?

Spencer’s: Unexpected pairings: work shirts, military fatigues, or lightwash jeans.

Ethan’s: See Casual Ethan blog post. Choose casual fabrics: hopsack, tweed, seersucker- not super 100s wool. Try sport shirts and runaway collar. Jeans, wide legged pants and cropped for a Japanese look. Invest in a chore blazer. Try T-shirts: stripes preferred.

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Hopefully these notes help you follow along with the podcast!  And I pray that you understand why details matter.

Please don’t forget to rate us on iTunes and leave a review; we’ll read reviews as soon as we get enough of them! Be sure to follow us on Instagram (@styleanddirection).  Big thank you to MJ for editing the podcast and Matt for helping us compile notes and quotes.

Always a pleasure,

@ethanmwong & @spencerdso



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