SadCast Show Notes: How We Buy Clothes

Dive deep into how we buy clothes, both for new and vintage pieces!

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  • Purchases are usually inspired by what a friend is wearing or something we see online, rather than true gaps in our wardrobe.

Buying New or Commissioning

  • Research is key.
  • It’s usually recommended for “newer” clothing like a dress shirt, trouser, or suit/sportcoat.
  • Specific brands aren’t usually in mind, but they help guide the research process.
  • You don’t need to constantly be looking for the best/cheapest thing; just focus on what you really want.
  • Sales are good to wait for.
  • Our threshold for purchase price has increased due to our involvement in the menswear industry.
  • Check the return policy and see if it’s worth the hassle if you want to try a brand.
  • It helps to go to trunk shows and physical stores so you know what the brand will be like if you have to buy online later.
  • Buying new means that you’re paying for quality and specific details. Make sure you really like it! No ragrets!
  • Reproduction is good since true vintage (milsurp/casual) can be way out of price range.

Buying Vintage

  • It’s a good workaround for details you can’t find anywhere else.
  • eBay is a great way to grow your wardrobe.
  • You may not see that item the next time you go to eBay/vintage store, so it’s best to buy immediately if you like it.
  • Vintage stock changes all the time.
  • We do the most traditional shopping with vintage, walking out of stores or flea markets with things that we didn’t expect.
    • Keep and open mind!
  • Try things on.
  • You typically can’t return vintage.
  • Know your measurements and know the details you’re after.
  • Buy with intention, since you might be stuck with something after you get it.
  • Go to the Rose Bowl flea market. You never know what you’re going to find!

Selling Clothes

  • We’re usually pretty lazy to sell clothes.
  • You’re probably not going to make back the money you spent on something.
    • This is why it’s best to keep purchases very intentional.
  • You probably got the best wear out of it, so it’s not bad to sell it for cheap.
  • Giving away to Goodwill or even selling to friends is good. Ethan prefers the latter, since guys like MJ or Jay will appreciate it.
  • Selling on eBay is hard, especially if you don’t have seller reputation/feedback.
  • Most vintage stores will only accept full suits and even then, it won’t be much money.

Ethan’s New Sartorial Brands

Spencer’s Brands for Reproduction


  • Uniqlo
  • J. Crew

Reddit Thread on Defining the Style of the 2010s.



My new brown checked sportcoat. More on that much later.






$85 but way too long.

Q & A Submissions

Q from  @ShaneJoseph:  Would you buy a ventless Rubinacci jacket second hand?

A:  If we like it then yes!  We don’t really wear ventless jackets anymore, but you can always have a good tailor add it in if you really feel like it.  Ventless jackets are meant to be form fitting and don’t allow for much #pocketfisting.

Q:  How often do you launder your clothes?

A:  Not often.  We only dry clean if things are physically dirty or smelly, especially if it’s suits or trousers.  Shirts we tend to wash after each wear.  Dry cleaning and washing can be pretty harsh.  We also take care not to dry things too much (especially vintage) in case it shrinks.

Q:  What’s your favorite vintage milsurp piece?

Spencer: Camo jungle jacket, M43, N-1 Jackets

Ethan: My Olive jungle jacket, Korean War chambray shirt, and my P43s or my WWII Chinos.

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Thanks for listening! We’ll see you in the next one. Buh-bye!

@ethanmwong & @spencerdso

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