SadCast Show Notes: On Casual Shirts

Spencer and I bring you a podcast recorded before quarantine happened, and its all about casual shirts! And by casual shirts, I mean nearly all of them: sportshirts, OCBDs, polos, workshirts and westerners.

We hope you enjoy!


  • 0:15 Introduction
  • 0:40 WAYWT
  • 3:40 Casual Shirts
  • 4:30 Star Wars Corner
  • 6:35 Defining Casual Shirts
  • 7:10 OCBD’s
  • 9:20 Polo Shirts
  • 14:15 Sport/Cuban Collar Shirt
  • 27:20 “Terry cloth shirts are great pool party or beach shirts – why drape yourself in a towel when you can button up a shirt and be dry afterward?”
  • 28:35 CPO/Work Shirt
  • 32:10 What’s Steve Bannon Up To?
  • 37:30 “I happened to be taking a shit at this mall.”
  • 43:50 Sawtooth/Western Shirt
  • 56:30 Q&A!
  • 59:30 “Spier and Mackay – do it all the way.”

Useful Links to See

Popover OCBD but unfastened buttons.

Band collar shirt!




Untucked 1960’s OCBD.



1930’s polo shirt.

Polo shirt with loop buttons.

Robert California in a polo shirt and sportcoat.

Modern one piece collar. Not the biggest fan of it myself.

Variety of sport shirts.



Groovin’ High sportshirt.




Wide collar on this 1940’s sportshirt. The lack of a collar band is what allows the collar points to lay flat and have it’s unique look.

Kenji Cheung in the Bryceland’s coral gab shirt.

Terry Cloth (towel) shirt.


Work shirts. Note the actual point  collar instead of the sport model that lays flat.



A (spear)point collar nad big chest pockets are the mark of a workshirt.

Bryceland’s sawtooth westerner.



Western shirts have long point collars, yoke stiching, pearl snaps, and chest pockets with point flaps. Two “teeth” are what make it a sawtooth.





Black rayon gabardine.   Doesn’t always have to be denim!


From One (1) Casual Boi:  I’m an infrequent suit-wearer trying to buy One Good Suit for those occasions. Anything you guys recommend in the $800-$1000 range? Any tips for versatility? Is it a mistake to get a brown suit? I just think they look cool.

A: Spier & Mackay RTW or try to get MTO if you can. Or you can get a custom suit from our friend Dave Fugel of Atelier Fugue, maker of my custom cotton suits.  Other MTM like Tailors Keep or P. Johnson will be closer to $2k.

Submit your questions and stories for the SadCast!

Big thank you to MJ for producing the podcast and Matthew for helping us with outlines, notes, and quotes.


@StyleandDirection | @EthanMWong | @SpencerDSO

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