SadCast Show Notes: Staying at Home & #QuarantineFits

So we’re officially in quarantine. But don’t despair! Your favorite menswear boys come to with a new podcast episode, exploring how to dress when staying in, what are “good pajamas”, and how we’re staying sane in this troubled time.


  • 0:25 Introduction
  • 3:40 WAYWT
  • 6:30 “I’m all sweaty from eating.”
  • 8:45 Clothes for Staying at Home
  • 8:50 “I think that you should wear clothes that make you feel happy.”
  • 13:10 Pajamas 
  • 16:40 “Pajamas have an old-school connotation because you had an outfit for every occasion.”
  • 24:30 Sweaters
  • 28:40 “Having an outfit for work around the house is a good way to separate your work/life balance.” 
  • 30:10 Button-ups
  • 31:00 Pants
  • 36:55 Hoodies
  • 44:10 Q&A! 
  • 45:05 “Posting is our lifeline.”
  • 50:25 Menswear Books
  • 51:25 “I prefer getting coffee-table books with photography because I think you’re better off learning visually and seeing what works.”
  • 56:40 Movie & Show Recommendations
    •  Movies from the Great Depression (because they’re feel good) like Modern Times, Footlight Parade, or My Man Godfrey
    • Rear Window for feeling trapped, bored, and a bit of a voyeur
    • Contagion, The Shining, Misery if you’re feeling edgy
    • Ethan’s Comedies: CBB, Arrested Development, Community, Frasier, I Think You Should Leave
    • On Cinema, At the Cinema

Sleepy Jones constellation pajamas.


Vintage hoodie and 1950’s chinos with paint splatter.





A jinbei top is a good home alternative to a navy blazer.


Sleepy Jones PJs on our friend Rory.


Vintage brocade silk dressing gown with a Muji Pajma set and a lambswool sweater vest.


Work from home.  Workpants make it casual and easy to wear, especially when compared to flannels or worsteds.

Spencer’s wool robe with sweatpants and a chunky mock neck.


Comfy 80’s sweater.


An easy “at home” tailored outfit for lounging and writing.


Lambswool cardigan over a Muji indigo jinbei (two piece set).


Long sleeve crewneck, work waistcoat, and raw hemmed chinos.  Comfy for staying at home!

Useful Links


From Al:  What are the best menswear books??

Ethan’s menswear books.

  • Dressing the Man
  • Take Ivy
  • Hollywood and the Ivy Look
  • I am Dandy & We are Dandy
  • This Guy
  • Japanese Magazines – like vintage Free and Easy, Clutch, Popeye, Lightning Archives
  • Ametora
  • Dating Vintage Menswear
  • Assorted works by Bruce Boyers and David Coggins (that we’ve never read)

My Japanese magazines.

Just a note: menswear is hard to learn by “theory”. The best experience is done by actually experimenting, trying on clothes, and true trial-and-error.  We especially recommend you to seek out inspiration and talk to people, so you can get a personal understanding of style.

Submit your questions or stories here!

Stay safe! Buh-bye.

@StyleAndDirection| @EthanMWong | @SpencerDSO

Podcast is produced by MJ with show notes assisted by Matthew.

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