SadCast Show Notes: The Big AMA

This is it, our big AMA episode! We answer your questions like how we dress in hot weather, if vintage style will ever die, and what the heck do we have as our phone lock screens!

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Episode Sponsor:  Clarke & Barba

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Love the culture vibes here!


    • 2:40 Intro
    • 5:05 It’s Alive! The Patreon that is
    • 7:20 AUA!
    • 9:35 Describe your ideal bespoke suit.
    • 13:15 Fav military clothing item ever, you don’t already have to own it.
    • 17:45 What common pitfalls do guys make when they are building their wardrobe?
    • 24:50 How do you stay dapper in hot places like the Inland Empire where it’s 80-90°F?
    • 29:15 Do you like Peaky Blinders?
    • 32:00 What does the home screen of your phone look like?
    • 35:30 Will vintage ever die?
    • 43:00 Creepers or Edgy loafers? Ps you’re my vintage inspiration.
    • 45:00 How do you get into the business side of the menswear world?
    • 47:55 How do you keep your suits pressed without using the cleaners all the time?
    • 49:40 If cost were not an issue: what shoes, suits, and shirts would you buy and wear?
    • 51:25 3 shoes each of you couldn’t go without?
    • 53:15 What do you find in french ivy you don’t find elsewhere?
    • 57:00 How to match suspenders with the rest of the outfit?
    • 58:00 How do you see the difference between 50’s and 60’s tailoring?
    • 59:55 How do you successfully do separates: materials, colors and cuts specifically.
    • 1:01:40 Have you developed a uniform and is this something you strive toward?
    • 1:03:50 Not a question but love the podcast. Big love from England!

These Bryceland’s jackets byDalcuore are dope. With the patch pockets and lapels, it’s a soft contemporary take on 1930’s aesthetics.

Can’t go wrong with Tailor Caid either.

Perfect cut.



My custom Ascot Chang suit is close to perfect.

This DB is also great!

Arnold Wong retains a wide legged fit and slouchy shoulders while still doing everything through bespoke.

An M-65 in mitchell camo.


Ethan’s M43 army pants.

Kenji’s camo monkey pants.

Ethan’s home screen.

Drake’s x Paraboot loafers.

A good midcentury shoe.

Chunky tassel loafers. Kinda punk.


Ascot Chang makes the best shirts, hands down.


Cotton suits are the best in hot weather. Might not be breathable, but they’re comfortable and feels great even when sweaty.


Terry Cloth shirts look smart and  are practical!


Heavy linens are nice too! Good drape and cool hand,


Let’s not forget the school boy look, which retains classic prep while wearing shorts.


Vans Authentics are my favorite white sneaker.  Maybe CVOs in the future.


RM Williams Chelseaboots.


Spencer likes the more rugged appeal of Converse for his white sneaker.


Shell Cordovan tassels from Alden are my favorite loafer that works with everything.

French Ivy is very mod-Americana with black shoes.  Read more of Dick Carroll’s investigation on Put This On.


This outfit by Alex Winchell seems very French to me.

Niles always had great suspenders.

Bold, low buttoning 1950’s silhouette.  This atomic look is what I think of when I think of a 1950’s suit.

3 button sack jacks with tapered trousers are very 1960s.


Separates with low contrast.


Separates with contrast.


Spencer loves wearing old OCBDs.


Ethan is almost always in a form of brown jacket, striped shirt, and patterned tie.



When he’s not in an OCBD, he’s in some form of denim shirt.


He wouldn’t be Spencer without military chinos and a chore coat of some kind.


Brown suits too.


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