Introducing the #TheSaDCast Stream and My New Aldens and Black Fedora

Here’s what you missed on our biweekly Twitch stream!

Apart from writing really long blog posts on sneakers and the Button-Pocket Harmony (and the occasional job application), I’ve actually been pretty busy this quarantine. As you guys know, I co-host a podcast that has been mildly successful, leading to the launch of a Patreon and Discord community.  The support we’ve gotten from our niche audience has lead Spencer and I to start streaming candid menswear conversations on Twitch, a platform better suited than Instagram for that kind of thing.

So, Spencer and I started streaming twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8-10PM PST. At first, it was small, just with us occasionally saying hi to followers while we played video games.  Then it got bigger.  We brought our pod producers Matt and MJ into the frey, finally allowing them to “get on mic”.   Then we had our friends like Aldous, Jason, and Kiyoshi jget on cam (and mic).

Eventually it became a pretty fun regular event that we all looked forward to, especially since our listeners (and Patreon subscribers) are able to join in the conversation and even suggest topics. We’ve talked about plenty of things, from why we think dressing basic shouldn’t be celebrated to reacting to weird ASMR videos.  

The best part is that Twitch allows me to to highlight and export pertinent clips, which we later upload for your viewing pleasure on our YouTube channel. You can always watch the streams in their entirety on our Twitch, (with all of it’s candid glory) but watching the clips might be a better viewing experience.  These highlights will be posted here on the blog a week after airing, but we also ask that you subscribe to both the Twitch and Youtube Channel so you can view them right when they come out!

Obviously there have been plenty of streams that have aired before this article came out, but hey, I hadn’t announced it officially yet on the blog!

Alden Unboxing

We have no real plans to produce full YouTube videos (like vlogs or essays), but the stream gives us a great platform for us to do casual version of them.  Here, I unbox the newest addition to my shoe wardrobe: black shell cordovan tassel loafers from Alden. And if you’re wondering, yes, I actually saved up and purchased them for retail price!

You can hear more details in the video, but it contains a few nods to my shoe article as well as my draw to wearing black in classic menswear.

Hot Takes on Selvedge & Raw Denim 

Before the unboxing, Spencer, MJ, and Jason discuss the selvedge and raw denim. While it’s true that we do like both of those types of denim here on the blog, I actually don’t think its necessary for a good jean. For example, my lightwash and khaki jeans are made of regular non-selvedge, washed denim. That might be a hot take, but it’s how we feel.

Maybe this just means I need to write about denim in a future essay.

My New Black Fedora

This next video is from our Saturday stream and features a quick review of my latest commission: a bespoke black fedora from the Wellema Hat Co. Like the black shell tassels above, this again is inspired by my growing interest in edgy, “dark” menswear.

It’s a great piece that I’ve been excited to wear ever since I covered Sherlock Holmes. Be sure to read my article on fedoras for more information on my approach to fedoras as well as how to wear a black one.

Discussing Hairstyles & Facial Hair

These two videos are dedicated to hairstyles and facial hair, which is a topic I get fairly often.  Spencer and I may discuss this as a full podcast episode in the future, but for now, I think this stream will do!

I basically discuss how my messy middle part hair and beard were essential to furthering the narrative of “slouchy menswear”.  Of course, all my compatriots have great hair as well, so do watch to get their insight!

Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube and Twitch to take part in the conversation! It’s even better if you contribute to our Patreon so you can join the Discord community.

We’ll see you live on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 8-10PM PST!


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  1. Ben · April 4

    Hey Ethan! If you could only pick 2 Alden loafers, which ones would you pick? And do you find yourself wearing the color 8 shell or the black shell loafers more? Thanks.


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