The Alpha M. FB Group & If Classic Menswear is Attractive

Here’s what you missed on the most recent Style & Direction bi-weekly stream!

Jason Hates Jazz

I’m not sure what prompted this, but hey it’s our casual Wednesday stream where there is no set topic! In this clip, Jason, our resident punk rock guy, admits that he hates jazz of seemingly all kinds. Obviously this is a spicy take for most menswear guys and it makes for a fun highlight.

The Alpha M. FaceBook Group

After admitting that he hates jazz, Jason also brings up how he has been banned from the Alpha M. Facebook Group, which is a place we’ve alluded to previously on this blog. It’s quite a cringy place ranging from narrow minded takes on “menswear” to almost Red Pill or MGTOW mentalities. The SaDBois go in and share a few of their favorite posts.

Does Being Into Classic Menswear Make You Unattractive?

The Saturday Stream is always a big one with a Full-er House (somebody call Stamos) and has an equally important topic submitted to us via IG: does being into classic menswear make you unattractive?

To me, the short answer is definitely yes, because while girls may idealize the idea of a man in a suit (or at the very least, a button up with rolled up sleeves), the slouchy sack jacket with pleated pants and white socks is definitely not that image. However, as Yung Chomksy goes on to say as a rebuttal of sorts, context and self awareness is what truly will matter.

In the end, you presumably want a partner who “gets” the way you dress and finds it interesting and attractive rather than alienating. But again, the way we approach classic menswear is certainly in the minority when compared to the mainstream.

How Girls React to Our Style (and Classic Menswear)

The second half of the stream (which actually is the longer segment) involves each of the boys talking about their own experiences when girls react to their style. Like we posited earlier, most mainstream people don’t particularly like the way we dress (whether it’s too formal or too “extra”), but the ones that we do like end up being the ones that stick around and are actually interested in it (or at the very least, understand it).

Big thanks to all the boys for joining us in what was probably our biggest stream yet, both in the participants and viewership!

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