Car Talk and How To Effectively Discuss Menswear

Here’s what you missed on the most recent Style & Direction bi-weekly stream!

This week features Ethan, Spencer, MJ, Matthew, Kiyoshi,  and Aldous.

Car Talk

We aren’t really car guys, but discussing WM Brown’s extravagant photoshoot (with helicopters and custom Landies) did draw it out of us! Obviously we have an affinity for vintage cars across different eras (echoing our mutual love for classic tailoring) but it really comes down to design. Modern cars are feature a swooping, calculatingly-aerodynamic design instead of the “tradiitonal” defined hood and trunk that we’ve seen on go out of style in the early 2000s.

It’s like dogs. If you were going to draw one, wouldn’t it look more like a golden retriever than a pug?

Quarantine Purchases

Audrey asks us how quarantine has impacted our purchases. We have talked about our quarantine lives a while back, but obviously a few things have changed! I’ve bought quite a few pieces from Ring Jacket and even copped some Aldens. Spencer, Kiyoshi, and I speak how being inside has changed how we purchase our menswear and how less serendipitous buying (at the recurring flea markets for example) just means we can save up for grails.

Obviously, we do miss buying in person, but we gotta make do with where we are!

Terms To Avoid When Discussing Menswear

A topic submitted by my friend Chuck, this stream was all about derogatory and unhelpful terms used when describing (or even critiquing) menswear. The words discussed mainly came from a post on MFA that Chuck wrote himself.

We agree with many of his terms and while it may be hard for people to move away from this things, it certainly is an important effort, as improving your personal style is all about keeping an open mind.

How to Effectively Discuss Menswear with Beginners

After talking about these terms, the stream pivots to how we can effectively approach menswear discussions and give advice, mainly when beginners are involved. It seems that in our previous segment on terms and descriptors that the particularly egregious offenders are used by people who don’t understand fashion and personal style.

How can we best connect with them? How can we show them that style is about what makes you happy, rather than what is “correct”?

Reacting to Wyatt Ingraham Designs

In the final part of the show, we come across Wyatt Ingraham Designs, a “fun shirt” company founded by a Koch descendent. As you could expect, the garments, names, and the advertisements are all cringe-worthy.

Maybe you can tell us which name was your favorite!

MJ’s Dance Outro

We may not make tiktoks, but we’ll still dance. Or at least MJ will.

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