Spooky Menswear Halloween Costumes

It was a spooky Style & Direction bi-weekly stream last weekend! We hope you had fun staying in and dressing up.

This past Halloween, we had Ethan, Spencer, MJ, Matthew, Kiyoshi, Ivan, Jason join us for a fun, wholesome discussion.

Menswear Halloween Costumes

Menswear Halloween costumes are fun, though they can be boring when compared to cosplay or try hard when compared to what normal young people wear. For us menswear geeks, its just a way for us to repurpose garments we already own (which really plays into the lazy part). I’ve always dressed up as stylish characters for Halloween- or at least as characters that had a tangential relationship to menswear (like Inspector Gadget).

Even though we spent our Saturday inside, a few of us did dress up for the stream- I’m Steve Zissou, MJ is Marty McFly, and Spencer is Doc Sportello (when is he not?). We talk about previous Halloween costumes, from the Phantom of the Opera to being Max Fischer at a party where no one knows who I was. Jason actually surprises us by being the most adventurous (and funny) Halloween dresser.

A bit of the conversation also goes into just how sheltered and conservative Ethan and MJ’s schools were. Maybe when things calm down, we can have a proper SaDHead Halloween and wear some great costumes!

We also did a few rounds of a hilarious (and scary) gamemode for Among Us!

Anyway, enjoy a few great (and cringe) menswear Halloween outfits.

Fancy Steve Zissou.
Kiyoshi as Pablo “Narcos” Escobar.
I’m Max Fischer.
Andrew as a rhinestone cowboy, Spencer as a TC Tugger guy, and Kaneki Ken.
Yung Chomsky also as Max Fischer.
Jon as Han Solo and me as Dr. Henry Jones Jr.
Raj as Sallah.
MJ as Marty McFly.
Forrest from Lawless.
Spencer as Andrew Ryan (Bioshock).
I think this was supposed to be Don Draper.
Roger Radcliffe.
The Phantom.

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