Tenet, #SponCon & More Mad King George

Movie talk and streams? Seems like a good end to the month to me!

This bonus episode was a quite a fun one since it nearly brought back one of our old formats: film style discussion. I semi-retired that type of content simply because the written analysis of films took up too much of my time. For a bonus pod however, it was perfectly fine!

In that episode we go over our thoughts on Tenet, the latest film from Christopher Nolan. It’s an…”okay” flick, with the saving grace being the plot mechanics rather than the actual plot. I do think the outfits in it are quite interesting, with John David Washington’s Protagonist showing a clear preference for knit polos and patch pocket sportcoats. Neil, played by Robert Pattinson, has a more eclectic (and almost slouchy) approach to dressing. The entire thing plays as though Chris Nolan wanted to make a Bond film his way.

The rest of the bonus episode goes into the recent and future purchases we’ve got going on; almost all of them are from Atelier Fugue. You’ll have to listen to the full episode (available for Patrons) to learn more!

Matt’s green corduroy suit.


During a poker stream (where random topics are normal), one of us brought up the recent collab between Brian Davis (of Wooden Sleepers) and J. Crew. In it, Brian does wear a few J. Crew pieces, which begged the question: if we had a collab between us and the storied catalog brand, what pieces would we pick?

Now you guys know I have strong thoughts on influencers and sponsored content, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I was very resistant to this hypothetical. Granted, I own a few J. Crew pieces, so its not like I hate the brand. I just don’t think that they would do a collab with me to begin with. I would definitely say no if it regarded their tailoring.

We expanded on that J. Crew exercise and had an entire discussion on hypothetical sponsored situations. Obviously not all sponsored content is the same, which is why it was a fun stream to do! Some guys were okay with being sent free stuff to model and post on their IG page, though the amount of control the brand has over the caption was a bit of contention. Jason said that he would only be down if they would let him design garments. The guys asked me what I was okay with, ultimately wondering if I would be down for a simple guest written post and recommendations of the brands clothing.

For me, I simply have an issue with the entire idea of being paid to post. I guess if its work (like a guest article), I would be fine with it, but if the #sponcon is more about the brand paying for a slot in my social media, then I am not okay with it. Henrik does call me out for being a bit precious with my social media presence, but its simply because I am a product of my generation. I’ve been obsessed with authenticity and being myself on social for a long time, having used tumblr to blog about my daily life back in high school, so being paid and told what to post goes against the fiber of my being!

In the end, the only type of #sponcon I’d be into is similar to Jason’s: a collaborative design. I’m not sure if that truly counts, but I would definitely post about a shirt or shoe I had a helping in designing. Provided they have a spearpoint collar and low vamp.

Not much to say about this one other than we continue our series of reacting to our collection of 1930’s Apparel Arts Illustrations. I know that my style has gotten quite contemporary over the years, but man, looking at these illustrations just inspires me to keep wearing my pinned spearpoints and wear some fedoras. It also gets me to try more of that 1930s ski look, which is seldom seen for casual looks (being replaced by rugged ivy, milsurp, and workwear).

We’re going to continue the series in future streams, so stay tuned!

We also did a stream based on the Future of Menswear pod, though it was slightly different as time went on. We start off by talking about the homogeny of the gorp-streetwear-prep look but it then goes onto how we think social media will play into menswear, both for trends and purchase methods. Will tailoring get sexier? What do we want to see?

Watch to find out!

On weeks that we don’t have a mainline podcast release, the streams are a bit looser, taking topics from discussions in our Patreon discord. Since things are heating up where most of us live, we decided to have a bit of a primer on Summer 2021 style: what are we excited to wear, what new purchases we’ve got coming in, and how we’re going to stay stylish while not only adapting to weather but in the scumbro look that is sweeping the landscape.

We may revisit this topic in the future, once summer is actually in full force.

Lastly, we talk to Jason about how he’s planning an upcoming collection for his brand Mad King George. It was spurred by his updates in the Patreon Discord where he was talking about Huddersfield swatches, if a black cotton suit is up his alley, and how he’s getting branding inspiration from a certain airport bathroom.

The ending of that stream ends up being about sunglasses, which I realize we’ve never really talked about on streams or on the blog! Perhaps it’s because I only have one pair; maybe that’s all I need to write about.

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