The August Bonus Pod, Apparel Arts Copywriting, Party Attire, TF’s New Suits, and More!

Some extra menswear topics for your consumption!

This month’s bonus episode is quite chill, being a true “boyz only” episode of the pod between me, Spencer, and our faithful producer MJ. I’m not really sure how else to recap it, other than it’s a great example of what we talk about when we’re just chilling. Some of the topics include my recent Ring Jacket purchases (more on that later), our love of cheap affordable KBBQ, and an odd conversation I had in an Asian American Discord about the breathability of leather (whatever that means).

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We had quite a few fun streams this past month, many of which were random, brought about by members of our Discord as well as through IG DMs; I believe this was submitted by Dan of Dresscode Menswear.

This segment was all about why we love rayon sportshirts. These pieces are a staple not only for vintage inspired looks but for contemporary menswear in general, though we obviously prefer true vintage ones due to the heft of vintage gabardine and the floppy design of old sport (camp) collars. This topic was on our mind as this was around the same time a Mel article on rayon came out that used Spencer and me as a source.

I’ve obviously written about this topic before, but this might be the first time we actually had a “podcast” about it. Oh well, you can read about them here:

Last month, I went to two parties. One was my birthday party, a place where my attire wasn’t out of place. The other was a house party by the members of that Asian American Discord that I’m in. As you’ll see in the stream proper, I’m wore a blazer, jeans, chelseas, and a severely unbuttoned Aloha shirt- a good example of one of my sexy “Going Out” looks.

Obviously I stuck out slightly (most people were in tees and shorts), but I decided to talk about this experience as it’s a great example of being into menswear and going to a non-menswear environment, similar to the issues I brought up in my Corporate Attire essay. In the stream, I talk about confidence as well as being a genuinely normal/cool person. I wasn’t there to show off an outfit and my demeanor (if we wanted to analyze it) was conducive to having wholesome fun and make friends. It also helped that I brought my camera and became the designated documenter of sorts.

Spencer and MJ apply this logic to what we would wear to other parties, emphasizing that you should always know your context (don’t stick out too much) and that you should always be…a cool and normal person. If people find you weird or you find that you’re being too precious with your clothing, maybe you made a bad outfit decision.

This stream was tied to my essay on Apparel Arts but felt a bit too detached; we felt like we had said enough about Esquire as it is! So, we decided to go through more entries, focusing on the written copy this time. It’s something we hadn’t done before and boy, we were happy that we did.

The copywriting is filled with so many details, many of which are “lost” in the illustrations. Not only do you get to know the materials and names of the garments, but you also get a peek into the mindset of Esquire. Much of the copy is not dissimilar to the advertorials you see today across other menswear publications. All this does is make me want more vintage.

Oh and it makes you wonder how exactly the illustrators and writers work together. We sensed quite a bit of passive aggression going on!

This was a fun little reaction video! Apparently Throwing Fits took a page from SaD and decided to get some cool suits made by J. Mueser. Lawrence got a nice peak lapel pinstripe number while James did his best “British aristocracy” impression and got what seems to be a lovely light green checked tweed.

I wonder if Spencer and I would do just as many penis jokes when we get custom suits together. Even if it wasn’t based on cocks, I feel like we’d find some way to annoy our tailor regardless.

Lastly, we have a jampacked full stream for your enjoyment. I debated on splitting this up but I think it works really well all together!

At the top, we dissect Lawrence and David Coggins’s inclusion to the J. Crew editorial canon, a spot previously held by Brian Davis of Wooden Sleepers. It’s interesting to see how they framed the features, as each of these guys created a uniquely-theirs look using the J. Crew catalog. Not that it’s going to happen any time soon, but I definititely think I’d be hard-pressed to accept a feature, simply because I’m not sure I could make an “Ethan” outfit from the brand. I could definitely wear things, but a full outfit might be too tough.

We also take a look at two contrasting Drake’s editorials. One was the feature with Jake Lacy, wearing what seems to be the new, mainstream-facing direction of the storied tie-maker. The other was a simple lookbook (with no text), with Tobias Menzies wearing the Drake’s Perennials collection. My theory is that Perennials will be the “old Drake’s” that we grew up with, keeping the old folks while the mainline appearance becomes more ALD/Rowing Blazers. I mean it’s not Jason Jules in 2017, but Tobias definitely looked great in those suit fits! Not a fan of that trucker-under-overcoat move though.

The final segment was an interview with Dr. Barbara Vinken. It’s a fascinating piece that goes into aesthetics, online shopping, and the rise of casual (read: functional) wear. It echoes a lot of what I’ve talked about in my essays as well as the candid discussion streams.

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