No Time To Die, Rose Bowl Tips, Dirtbag Ivy, More NYC Highlights, and Two Parties

This might be the last time I talk about a Bond film in depth! Luckily for you, we also discussed a few other things that might interest you. If not, that’s too bad.

Man, I love James Bond. Not necessarily for the fashion (as Bond dresses rather boring), but because I like the silly excitement that comes with a spy film, especially one that attempts to have an interconnected story line a la Star Wars or the MCU. That’s why No Time To Die has been one of my most anticipated films of all time. I was careful not to read any spoilers- though I did get my hands on the score. Hey, I had to make sure Hans Zimmer didn’t fuck this one up after Newman had ruined the Bond sound (Zimmer was okay).

Anyway, NTTD was the subject of our latest bonus episode. MJ and I watched it on Wednesday for an AMC A-List preview night while Spencer watched it the next day. We recorded the following Friday to discuss what we liked and what we didn’t (more on the latter).

There is no full essay on this movie, as film style breakdowns are handled by BAMF Style. However I will say that Safin has had a profound effect on me. His looks is classic Bond Villian, down to the vaguely Asian inspired vibe that is a bit racist and yellow-peril IMO. However, I really like it as I can see it apply to myself seamlessly, especially since I’m all about tailoring-adjacent things. It’s made me want a similar coat, so if you see one, please let me know- I’ve already done a few outfits inspired by him.

As for Bond’s look, it’s okay. Nothing much to write home about, other than the khaki needle cord suit and denim button down collar shirt (not a fan of the shape).

Listen to the preview below or subscribe to the Patreon for full episode (along with access to our Discord). The opening music is actually taken from a comedic Bond-parody short film my friend made when I was in grad school. Since no one saw it, I was free to use the actual Bond theme in it (though you can also hear my villain motif and my own theme for Bond in the cue.

It’s still a “dream” of mine to score a proper Bond film.

Classic Shawl.
Boatneck sweater with a drawstring.
Not really “Bond” to me.
Mallory forgoes his DB for an SB in this one.
Nomi (007) looks badass in tactical gear.
Q looking like a tumblr user in 2008.
I like the check, but not the cut.
I’m pretty sure they were shouting out the classic Bond safari looks with this one.
Good that he finally has a geometric tie, but the shirt and tie are meh. Not pictured are the infamous Drake’s moc toe boots.
Safin is the one who has my heart, style wise.
It’s some sort of Noragi/Kendogi shawl coat with a weird vest-thing and flecked military pants.
Translating it to tailoring is quite easy.
I do wish mine had long sleeves.
Nice military parka that I’m sure you could find at Nigel Cabourn.
He even has a military fatigue version of his coat!

What’s crazier is that neck piece is just that- a dickie/vest garment.

We had another Poker night with the fellas. Nothing major, just hanging out and talking about menswear. I’ve included the full VOD for you guys here for you to enjoy.

This stream was done the same Sunday as the Rose Bowl Flea Market, so naturally it was on my mind. I briefly talk about my tips and tricks at navigating this wonderous flea, but the conversation naturally drifts to one of my latest obsessions: Noragi-esque jackets. Like I said earlier, Safin is my latest menswear inspiration.

We later discuss Dirtbag Ivy and how reacted to it. It’s actually quite…positive? Though it’s quite clear that Ivy guys don’t want to be associated with the term “dirtbag”, despite the GQ article never actually saying that being a dirtbag is a bad thing. In fact, dirtbag just seems to be Diamond’s way of saying slouchy, which of course I’m all for!

Lastly, we have a full VOD here which includes SadHead Sunday, a few more questions from our Discord (and Twitch stream) concerning my NYC trip, and a rundown of our candid thoughts on two parties we went to this week. More will be shared when I write a proper recap: news is always late!

Don’t forget to support us on Patreon to get some extra content and access to our exclusive Discord. Catch us streaming on Twitch every Wednesday and Saturday or watch the clips on Youtube (like our rundown of SadHead Sunday, where you guys get to submit your fits for discussion).

Oh and don’t forget, we do a podcast every two weeks!

Buh-bye! EthanMWong | StyleandDirection

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