A Little Night Drinking


Just a little bit. I didn’t get too buzzed (I think).

I’m sure it must be a shock to long time readers of this blog to see just how much I drink now. It’s not excessive by any means, but it’s certainly much more than my college self could have ever imagined! Not only do I have one beer at trivia nights (which happens every week), but two drinks seems to be the norm when I get to hang out with my friends.

The key word here is friends. As I’ve stated in my Hang Out article from last year (as well as the essay on Going Out Look), I’ve been fortunate enough to have a group of friends who like to go out and have fun. It’s still such a contrast to the times when Spencer and I only had each other (or when we’d only hang out on Discord with our gamer friends). Now we can go out and wear cool clothes— with other people too! It’s not entirely necessary, but it’s fun. A bit of “menswear world building” through the use of a community.

Normally the groups hangs aren’t that big, with maybe 4-5 people at most (including me). But when someone comes into town, it’s almost like a signal to get the full gang together to hang out. So that’s what we did when Yung Chomsky was in LA to celebrate the upcoming launch of his latest podcast project Keep The Dream Alive, a limited docu-series about Tiny Telephone Studios.

We’ve seen him on this blog before, both in NYC and when he came before (I also interviewed him on the pod), and YC is always a delight to have a drink with. He wasn’t free for a drink until late in the evening, so to pass the time I invited a few other friends to hang out the Arts District until he arrived. And to my surprise, all of them said yes!

It was a mild Wednesday evening, so perhaps we were all hankering to do something interesting (and perhaps get fitted for it).


I’ve actually been wearing a lot of tailoring lately, so I was excited to create a Going Out Look in order to make the evening feel special.

My beloved Brown Checked Jacket makes an appearance (which is fun since I tend to favor solid jackets when at the bar), but instead of being paired with a striped shirt and foulard tie, its done with double denim. You’ve seen the sawtooth before but the jeans are “new”: they’re 501s from the early 2000s and as such feel a bit snug on the thigh but “flare” slightly from the knee down (though there is no real flare). They’ve been my favorite jean lately and is quite perfect for these 70s-esque fits, especially since they end perfectally without a cuff. Just check out how clean it looks with those black Chelsea boots.


Since we tried our best to find an outdoor venue (at least when eating), I took the opportunity to wear my “new” Barbour Gamefair. It’s been a little muggy in LA lately, so that was “foul” enough for me to rock it. It’s a bit of an aesthetic clash with my going out look, but I actually like the combination. Feels a bit NYC with the use of a practical outer layer to cover the real fit.

The fit was plenty warm as the initial group sat outside to eat Wurstkuche, one of my favorite spots in the Arts District. It’s quick and casual (with a plethora of funky meats and perfectly fried fries), which is exactly what we needed (though I jest, since I had fried bar food at trivia the previous night). It was a craving I’ve had for a little while (I don’t eat there unless I have a reason to eat dinner in DTLA), so I’m glad I was able to share it (literally) with friends. MJ and I even snuck away to get some ice cream while the rest of them talked about restaurants and movies.

We met up with YC at one of the local breweries, which I had actually gone to for my Halloween work party. Unlike that day, the bar was not crowded in the slightest, which is why we were actually comfortable sitting inside to drink and chat. Maybe I need to come to bars on the weekdays more often!

Among the cast of regulars in attendance was John Vanderslice (who is the de facto subject of Keep the Dream Alive) and Jon, the latter of which we actually met for the first time at the Throwing Fits party; he was there to sell YC some 501s. It was fun to be able to take some photos and canonize them for the blog. Of course the rest of the silly photos were taken up by MJ and me. It was a fun time

The rest of the evening was quite chill. No external venues like museums or flea markets, just a booth with your pals. I’ve even heard alcohol is better for your body than boba, though I still drink cider so I’m probably keeping the same amount of sugar.

Anyway, enjoy the photos and the fits! It really is proof that the best context you need to dress up is a great group of friends. It makes everything easier and dare I say fun, even if the only thing you’re doing is sitting, talking, and drinking.

The best friends.
Jay pulling a move from Robert Spangle by wearing a turtleneck with the collar points out. We are the #menswear generation after all. Maybe post #menswear?
MJ in my old 1960s corduroy sack jacket and a rugby.
Love the punk-inspo with the black chinos and Doc Martens.
Jay splurged on a pair of Common Projects.
Fake laughing probably.
Annie getting her menswear on with a green DB.
Best friends for over 20 years.
Jay missed the loafer memo.
John, Jon, and Spencer.
Your favorite podcasters.
These are a waste of money.
Fist that cider!
Yung Chomsky in a Games suit. I tried on the jacket and man was it too short for me; if I ever buy a Drake’s Game Jacket, I’d have to size up to a 42 for it to be the proper length on me!
Love Spencer’s two tone sweater vest.
I look like a terrible Philosophy professor out bonding with his class.
Michael has a knit rugby sweater.
Fashion Asians!
His vintage London Fog trench coat is pretty cool!

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Always a pleasure,

Ethan M. Wong

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