The Menswear in Ford v Ferrari

Ford, Ford, Ford!

Sometimes there just aren’t good movies out to watch and cover for our Patreon exclusive podcast episodes. I mean there is the latest Fantastic Beasts film, but I think we’ve covered it enough (plus we aren’t that keen on watching it). That’s why we decided to go back to a movie we’ve already watched: Ford vs. Ferrari.

While we do like the idea of cars, none of us are really car guys. We aren’t as cool as other menswear guys who know the specifics of Land Rover models and vintage rally cars, though those are very cool cars to begin with. No, we just like watching movies and back in 2019 we were really taken with this film, which is why we decided to cover it on the bonus pod. The plot follows Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles in the mid 1960s as they navigate Ford’s red tape to create an American made race car that can beat Ferrari at the 24 hour Le Mans race. It’s actually very well done with beautiful cinematography and a few sleeper fits!

Carrol Shelby wears a lot of knits that could pass for knock-offs of Scott Fraser. Ken Miles shows off some mechanic/racer fare that I’m certain is going to be the latest subgenre in the workwear/milsurp scene. The Ford exec team and the evil Leo Beebee get off some corporate attire. And of course there are a handful of other great looks that can be quite inspiring, even if they aren’t as complicated or dressy as the stuff we normally cover.

Oh and the sunglasses game is next level. We’ll cover sunglasses properly on a future podcast episode!

Take a listen to the bonus preview below and join our Patreon to access to it and all the previous bonus episodes, as well as our Discord community!

Nice shape on these wayfarers!
1960s corporate attire. Quite Mad Men!
Workshirts are cool.
Love Shellby’s liberal use of his iconic black cowboy hat.
Ecru jeans!
This is pretty SaDcore.
Ken has good hat game too.
Yellow knit polo!
That must be a true vintage sweatshirt or at least a good reproduction due to the extended sleeve seam and wide ribbing.
That photographer has a good look.
Menswear heads will know who this is (it’s the president of Fiat).
This is the worst look from the movie. It doesn’t feel period at all!
Cool 60s trousers!
Cowboy hats and tailoring is cool.
More corporate style!
Lots of polos + checked jackes to denote how casual you are.
Nice use of the 60s loafer style.
Vintage collectors dress like this.
Another sweatshirt.
The Deuce.
I’m telling y’all, vintage racing gear is gonna be it!
Ecru jeans again!
Quite English/trad for an Italian businessman!
The reporters have the best style in the movie. I need green knitwear!
These customers look almost like they’re a meme of a 1960s ad.
The real Carroll Shelby
Ken Miles.
Leo, happy that he cost Ken his triple crown.
That quilted jacket is amazing.

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 EthanMWong | StyleandDirection

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One comment

  1. Nils-Åke. · April 25, 2022

    Whenever I see this film in my Recommended I end wearing my Tag-Heuer Le-Mans racing jacket for weeks on end.

    Thought you’d care to know that the Shades Bale wears in the film are Rayban Predators 1/2. Same that Arnie wore in terminator 2.


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