Leather Jackets Are Fucking Cool (Especially When They’re Vintage)


It’s pretty crazy to think that I’ve never discussed leather jackets in depth on the blog despite: their connection to vintage casual attire, the fact that wearing one is inherently cool, or that they seemingly go with almost every look you could be into.

A leather jacket really is the ultimate piece of casual Americana and they’re awesome, especially when they’re vintage.  Honestly, this article has been a long time coming, so you better enjoy it.

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What to Wear for Valentine’s Day Part I: The First Date

Valentine’s Day is this week! It’s that time of year where you pull out all the stops, dress yourself to the Nine’s, and ask that gal you’ve been eyeing in class on a Valentine’s date. Now hopefully she will have said yes, so what are you supposed to wear? What does the occasion call for? Are you going to the beach, having a picnic at the park, or taking her out to a swanky restaurant? Fear not confused gentleman, we have a guide just for you.

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