The Fashions of Dapper Day at Disneyland Pt. II

Part Two is now here!  Here we look at some of the fashions in the afternoon as well as in the the Dapper Day Expo in the Grand Californian!  We even had the chance to take a picture with Justin Jorgensen, the creator of Dapper Day!

1. Doris Mayday

Check out this gorgeous gal.  She’s even wearing a hat in such a way that doesn’t mess up her hair!

2. The “Singin’ Man”

Josh Sorheim here was even at Dapper Day! If you follow him on Instagram, he’s normally in casual 1950’s wear; its nice to see him dressed up!

3. “Her First Name is Agent”

I had to tell Miss Carter that I serve Hydra.

4. “Impressive.  Most impressive”

It was hard to catch, but he’s disneybounding Darth Vader.  She’s actually a dapper imperial officer!

5. “Frozen Gang and Friends”

On the right, we see Anna, Olaf, and Elsa!

6. “The Black Pinup”

That’s her instagram!  She has lovely 1950’s style!

7. “Nautical Navy Couple”

I just love this because of the anchors.  Who doesn’t love a nautical theme?

8. “Simple and Sweet”

Nothing too excessive over here!

9. “All Argyle”

Not quite knickers but he pulls off the look! I just love how he matches his socks with his sweater vest!

10. “Downton Dapper”

I’m not exactly an expert on edwardian fashion, but here are some real, legitimate plus-fours. He even has a self-tie bowtie (the only way it’s truly done).

On her, that dress is simply stunning.  The pearls and straw hat complete it!

11. The “Barrio Dandy”

Check out J.C’s monochrome outfit.  It’s nearly all the same shade, but he breaks it up with patterns and textures, especially in the fair isle sweatervest. He’s a swell guy and a snappy dresser!

12. “Fur and Cream”

I love the contrast in outfits here.  Fur, as we’ve seen before, is an accessory that just exudes the 1920’s and 1930’s and looks extravagant.  On the other gal, I love her tilted hat.  A hat that’s tilted is a hat with attitude.

13. “Gatsby”

Doris’s boyfriend Daniel shows off a great Gatsby combo.  Note his awesome woven spectators and his windowpane shirt! His pants even have stripes!

14. “Edwardian Couple”

Print dresses are always great, but check out the gent.  He’s even buttoning the top button only, as was the practice until the 1910’s.  He’s even got spats.  Well done, sir.

15. “Zooting it” 

Don’t mess with this guy.

16.  “Sharply Tailored and Belted”

This guy deserves two pictures but firstly. Look at the sharp tailoring. Barely any break , slim legs, slim arms, just great.

AND LOOK.  It’s a complete Norfolk Jacket! One of the most unique suits I’ve seen all day!

17.  “A 1950’s Collegiate Couple”

Varsity cardigans are something we don’t see as much anymore.  I’m glad that they brought this adorable look back!

18.  “Hook and Croc”

This is the most dapper bound so far.  Her look in all green as the crocodile is great, but Hook’s in a Smoking jacket!

19. “The Creator Himself” 

Here we see Justin Jorgensen, the creator of Dapper Day and his streetwear friends.  That stuff is more in Tim’s realm.

But I am loving the plaid suit and the print scarf!

20. “Curls and Florals”

We saw this cute gal filming a vlog! We just had to snap a quick picture!

21. “Regatta Style”

We ran into this friendly guy a few times at the Expo.  He is rocking that club collar and regatta blazer (stripes are cool).  100 bonus points for using real suspenders that hook into your pants!

22.”Not His First Time”

Tony is just the man.

23. “Gorgeous Gals”

Sometimes understatement is key.

24.  “Swingin'”

This couple was well dressed and had killer moves!

25.  “Mad Man”

This gent looked straight from the 1960’s with his skinny tie, glasses, and fedora.

26.”Textures and Patterns”

This is how I like to dress on a normal day. These guys clearly know how to dress.

27. “A Dressy Bessy”

Not quite the opposite of the Dapper Dan, but I’m running out of names.  I love her spectators and dress, shawl combination!  Ischelle really is gorgeous.

28.  “Patterns Always Make a Look”

Even if its only the dress, patterns like diamonds or florals can look fantastic!

29.”The Haps Mag crew”

We ran into this group last year and I was featured in their magazine.  Now its our turn to feature them!  Modern styles but all done well.

30. “Adventure’s out there!”

I love it all.

31.  “All Kinds of Dapper”

This group has something of everything! A yacht owner, a femme fatal, a colonel, a gangster and so much more!

32. “Big Hero Six”

I love it when groups disneybound! They tied the armour of Big Hero Six into their dapper clothes!

33.  “Flappin’ Snow White”

She exuded grace with an etherial aesthetic.

34.  “Dapper Friends”

I love the bluish color of his suit! I would’ve preferred without the fedora though!

35.  “Loki amongst gals”

Girls always know what they’re doing when they go out on Dapper Day!  It also takes guts to put on some horns!

36. “A Gal and her Chimneysweep”

This is onpar with the Indiana Jones couple from the previous post.  This is a goal for me and my future girlfriend.


Victory Curls, Print Bowties and the CUTEST BABY.

38. “Best Pals”

We finish off Dapper Day with a Dapper Bound of Indiana Jones and Sallah.  As a fan of Indy, this was just fantastic.

Well there you have it ladies and gents; the fashions that we saw on Dapper Day!  Keep and eye out for us this September when we’ll be shooting more people!  Remember, you don’t have to dress vintage or disneybound, but be yourself and do it well!

So which out fit was your favourite?  Any particular characters you liked?  Let us know!


Ethan W

Street x Sprezza

Photography by Ethan W. and Tim M. 

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