Wearable Women Wednesdays with Luisa

Nothing says classy like the little black dress.  What better day to show it off than Dapper Day?

“The Black Pearl”


“My outfit for this Dapper Day is very simple and versatile. It’s a 50’s cocktail dress that I purchased at the Set Shop during one of their vintage sale events. “

“My favorite thing about Dapper Day is being able to dress up in my best garbs, whether they’re vintage or contemporary. I always think it’s really fun to dress up when you’re at the parks and in everyday life. Every time I’ve attended a Dapper Day event I feel like I’m in some kind of a time warp, and being a fashion student I love being able to see everyone’s ideas of ‘dapper’ come to life.”

“One of my favorite features of the chiffon dress is the detail in the back which is a low v shaped opening. It serves as a ‘balanced surprise’ since the front is all covered up and there is a showing of skin in the back. It reminds me a lot of Audrey Hepburn’s dresses in Sabrina.”

“If I were to describe my style it would be ‘simple, classic, and sometimes glamourous.”

“As cliché as it sounds I love to wear black clothes, black is my go to color no matter what. It’s a color that’s easy to pair and it allows for more creativity when it comes to accessorizing, and by that I mean accessorizing with costume jewelry for the ‘glamorous’ touch .”

Personally, I loved Luisa’s outfit.  She’s a fashion major, and I’ve seen her test out some of her favourite colors and combinations to see how it works.

One great touch are her suede heels; they add texture to her outfit (you all know how much I love texture).   For whimsy, she wears her Disney Minnie Mouse ears, which I think are one of the most adorable things a girl can wear.

So what do you think!  Would you wear this ensemble?  Isn’t she gorgeous?

If you want to be our next Wearable Women Wednesday, please shoot us an email!


Ethan W.

Street x Sprezza

Photography by Ethan W. 

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