What We Wore This Week: Unexpected Pieces


Lately we’ve been focusing on some editorial content, like wearing a polo with a suit or wearing a double breasted suit.  It’s time to take a short break from my mouthpiece and take a look at what the guys have been wearing lately!   While a majority of the outfits on this blog are sartorially themed, each of us put our personality into each of our outfits.  They might all involve trousers, dress shoes, and button-up shirts, but it’s the unexpected pieces that truly mark our personal style.

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The Sartorial Polo Shirt

I am a firm believer that suits can be dressed down. As spring has officially started here in America, it’s time to bring those sartorial pieces down a notch so you can keep cool and look good! One great and often misunderstood piece to turn your suits casual is the polo shirt.  It’s no longer just for academy uniforms or baggy business casual drones.  

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The Not So Ugly Christmas Sweater

Everyone loves a great Christmas sweater.  They’re festive, colorful, and instantly adds fun to any Holiday party.  Now, not many guys have one (or want to), so  we’re going to look at a few outfits from the regulars at Street x Sprezza and see how they use both traditional Christmas patterns and normal sweaters to create an outfit for those upcoming Holiday parties!

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