What We Wore This Week: Unexpected Pieces


Lately we’ve been focusing on some editorial content, like wearing a polo with a suit or wearing a double breasted suit.  It’s time to take a short break from my mouthpiece and take a look at what the guys have been wearing lately!   While a majority of the outfits on this blog are sartorially themed, each of us put our personality into each of our outfits.  They might all involve trousers, dress shoes, and button-up shirts, but it’s the unexpected pieces that truly mark our personal style.


Adam shows us that the traditional combo of white trousers and a blue blazer never go out of style.  However, Adam puts his own 21st century spin on it by wearing white denim instead of the expected dress trousers.  The inclusion of white denim definitely makes this super casual.  If you haven’t already, get some white jeans; they’re extremely versatile!
Adam’s outfit teaches us a lesson in bowtie etiquette:  stay away from solid pieces!  I absolutely hate the “Doctor Who/Dapper Bro” trend that has been the definition of looking dapper for the past five or so years.  Solid bowties have their place in formal wear, not in everyday wear.  If you’re a bowtie kind of guy, I suggest going with stripes and prints, like Adam has here.  It has a more classic connotation and is a sign of a true dresser.  He even wears his bowtie with a patterned shirt!  Well done.

Blazer/Shirt from H&M, Thrifted Bowtie, Pants from Target, Shoes from Aldo


I literally snapped these pictures of Raj right after I picked him up from his 6-hour flight from Maryland.  It’s almost as if he planned on showing us that you can definitely travel in style.  For those of you who have a sartorial style, try dress pants when traveling.  Personally, I find the drape and less rigid nature of the trousers allow for a   comfortable alternative to jeans.  The use of loafers (or monkstraps) is great, since you don’t have to unlace them when going through the dreaded airport security.

Most people suggest bringing a blazer or some sort of jacket on a plane ride, since it’s an easy way to carry all your needed documents without pushing them into your bag.  Raj instead went with his signature quilted vest from J. Crew Factory.  With the vest, it’s much more lightweight and is easier to remove than a jacket, while still offering the same amount of pockets to hold your personal items.  Plus, it adds to Rajesh’s overall prep inspired style!


Shirt from J. Crew, Vest from J. Crew Factory, Pants from Bonobos, Shoes from Johnston Murphy  


Jay probably has the most antithetic outfit of the bunch.  Most guys would do a loose top half and a fitted bottom half, but Jay went in a different direction.  Here, he wears a band collar short sleeve shirt with some wide legged army trousers.  Most guys would probably stick with the olive green chino, since it’s the safe and easy choice.  Jay’s look isn’t the most repeatable look but it works with his personal style and definitely looks comfy.  The fedora is also an interesting touch; one of the few cases where I’d suggest wearing out side of a suit.



Band Collar shirt from H&M, 1950’s Army trousers 


Spencer is the only guy wearing a full suit in this feature and he definitely takes the cake for winning best dressed.  With a classic flannel grey pinstripe suit, he goes with a 1920’s spin by adding in Balmoral dress boots and a detachable contrast collar shirt.  The devil, as always, is in the details.


At first glance, it may look like he’s wearing the typical blue striped shirt with a contraster collar.  Upon closer inspection however, it seems that Spencer’s shirt has a bib front! The blue striped section is only present on a small rounded section on the shirt.  It’s the only part of the shirt that can be seen when the jacket is fastened, so who cares?  It may not have much use for those of you who work in a business environment, but for the guy who enjoys suits and/or vintage, it’s a great piece to have!



Vintage Flannel Pinstripe Suit, 1930’s shirt from Joyride Vintage, 1930’s tie


As odd as it sounds, I don’t have many full suits.  However, I have plenty of sport coats and odd trousers!  The best thing about having these pieces is that it lets you combine them in a variety of different ways. For example, my base pieces are my favourite colors: blue and brown.  Instead of wearing the expected dress shirt, I added a bit of casual flair with my dual-breast pocket chambray shirt.  Chambray has its roots in the working class, but I love when it’s combined with suits or sport coats!  It’s inclusion allows you to play with textures.  I finished off the look with my window pane sport coat.  Not as cool as Spencer’s pinstripe suit, but it’s close enough!



It’s always great to combine patterns.  


Note the perfectly tailored pants.  A smooth straight line down the leg. 

Windowpane jacket from Uniqlo, Chambray Shirt from J. Crew, Pants from Banana Republic


I really enjoyed shooting these guys.  I can always count on them to bring their A-game every time.   What I loved was that each of these outfits featured a small twist, whether it was a small as swapping trousers for jeans or as large as Spencer’s bib-front shirt.  Overall, I think that Spencer won this one, but what do you guys think? Let me know by commenting!

Always a pleasure,

Ethan W.

Street  x Sprezza

 Photography by Ethan W. and Vince H. 

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