Wearable Women Wednesdays with Abigael

Here, Abigael shows us how to dress nicely in the increasingly hot L.A weather!

Young and Preppy on Abigael


 “My outfit is simple and classic but with a twist. A denim button down paired with a black perplum skirt and gold ballet flats.  Believe it or not, my flats are from Payless because I don’t believe in spending money on something you can buy at a cheaper price. I just fell in love with them when I saw the bows!”


“I try to keep everything as simple as possible as well as having at least one pop out piece per outfit. For example in this outfit, my wallet pops out since it’s the only patterned piece in the ensemble. It was the cutest one I saw! I really love elephants and tribal prints. They’re really big right now.”


“My closet isn’t too big but I really try my best to switch things up every day so I don’t wear the same thing twice.”


“Personally, my style is highly influenced by street style and runway styles that I see in fashion magazines and blogs.”


“I try to take the overall concept of the outfit and make it more wearable in every day life.”


Shirt from KMart, Skirt from Kohls, Flats from Payless, Wallet from Wet Seal 

What really sold me on the outfit is the button up.  Usually, most people tend to avoid button ups because it tends to look too “dressed up”, but Abigael shows us here that it can still look young and cute!  Plus the chambray shirt is a preppy essential for guys and gals for spring time!  Depending on what you wear it with, it can be dressed up or down.

Personally, I prefer button ups because they tend to fit better and create a more flattering silhouette of your body.  Abigael takes advantage of the fit and tucks it into her black skirt to further the effect!

Overall, Abi’s outfit is adorable and great look into her personal style.  I’ve been wanting to feature her for a while and I’m glad get to show off her look!


Ethan W.

Street x Sprezza 

Photography by Ethan W. 

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