Who Wore It Better: Vintage Layering ft. Spencer

Last week, it went down to 70 degress in Southern California; something unexpected for May.  We’ve been doing a lot of modern trends lately, but today let’s go back to the “good ‘ol days” and check out some classic vintage layering! Each of us has our own favourite era of menswear, and today we show you how the late 30’s and 50’s did it!

The 50’s Grandpa on Spencer 


We’ve explored monochromatic looks before, but this is a whole new level.  Almost everything he’s wearing has a shade of brown in it!  Like I’ve explained before, going monochromatic is great when used with differing shades and Spencer does it fanatically.


Aren’t you loving the jacket?  It’s got patch pockets (a detail that’s always amazing) and a wonderful brown pattern that can work with anything! What makes his look quintessentially 50’s is the “bold look” gorge; look how low that button is!  The 50’s were all about exaggerating the male physique.

instead of a collar bar that I use often, he decides to wear his neck bare.  Just look at that the perfect downward angle of his shirt collar!  They don’t make them like that anymore!


Cardigans with pockets are fantastic.  They’re old school and they make the piece much more useful than one sans pockets!  Here’s the secret: It’s actually modern!  Spencer bought it from Uniqlo, a place that I frequent for modern basics, but it’s so well designed that I can serve you whether you want to go back to the 50’s or want to keep it current!


What we don’t get to see much of is the fact that these pants are pretty slim.  Not super tapered, but slim.  If you look closely, you’ll see it’s got a subtle blue window pane pattern!  Secret stuff like that are the reason I sometimes prefer vintage over modern!


Spencer can finally join me in the brown and white spectator department.

The Year-Round Christmas Sweater on Ethan 


I wish they still made sweaters like this.  Most  companies make plain v-neck sweaters but only vintage ones have true personality!  Let’s talk about the whole outfit first.   It’s fairly simple, a blue 1940’s suit with a sweater. Sweater has a navy blue diamond pattern, the tie is blue, the suit is blue; you get how everything just goes together!  Personally it’s not my favourite outfit, but it’s nice to go simple once in a while.


This is one of those suits that gets better the closer you get.  Secret patterns is what makes vintage superior to modern suits.  Sure you can get your suits custom made with expensive fabrics, but as students, we don’t have $5000 to spend on a jacket.  That’s why we get it vintage.  it’s affordable, historical, and just plain cool.


Now let’s check out this bad boy.  It’s super fitted but super light!  I daresay you could wear this on a cool summer day!  Besides the awesome pattern, check out that wide ribbing (the stretchy fabric at the end of the sweater).  That’s what gives this the “vintage look”.  Only true vintage pre 1960 sweaters have this.  It’s what makes the sweater fit properly and end properly as well; it doesn’t ride up!


It’s got small holes, but something this rare is amazing and can’t be passed up.  I got it for cheap too, so don’t worry.

So had the better look?  Was it Spencer in his bold 50’s look or me in my conservative 40’s attire?  Let us know by commenting below!

Always a pleasure,

Ethan W.

Street x Sprezza

Photography by Ethan W. 

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