What We Wore This Week: Street and Sprezza


Here at SxS, we want to show you a variety of personal styles so you can see that while most of us do dress up, we do it in certain ways that make it distinctly unique to us!  For this feature, we took some pictures of what the Team and some contributors were wearing this past week and made a post!  Let us know which your favourite outfit was!

The Triple Major 

UntitledMatt’s style has certainly evolved in this past year.  Before, Rajesh and I used to take him shopping and now he can go all by himself!  This look is certainly college prep with a twist:  check out that awesome shirt.    It provides a pop to an otherwise conservative outfit.  Patterned shirts really make an look youthful.  He’s even hopping on the trend and cuffing his pants!  I’d suggest simply hemming it, but to each his own!


The President 


The president of SALSU should have school spirit and Jason Siu certainly has it. He wears a blue suit and his awesome LSU tie.  Thanks to the slim nature of the tie combined with the LSU snoflake pattern, this tie can be worn anywhere.  It’s our equivalent of that frat tie from the movie The Neighbors.

Because it rained, Jason adds his awesome peacoat on top of his suit.  Note how the Peacoat is short, yet is still longer than his suit jacket.  If you want to layer over your suit or blazer, it must be longer than the suit!

Jason’s pop is in his shoes:  they’re captoe spectators!


Always looking good Jason.

The Religious VP  


Raj makes everything look effortless.  Just like Jason, Rajesh is sporting his SALSU tie, but he pairs it with a patterned lavender shirt (as opposed to Jason’s plain shirt) just to show that this tie can literally go with everything.  As a Maryland native, he’s no stranger to the cold, so Raj doubles up layering.  He’s chosen his signature blue quilted vest to put underneath his gorgeous half-trench coat.  His wardrobe shoes that even though you don’t have a lot, you can combine everything together to create new looks.


Just look at how these layers and patterns work together.

The Newbie

UntitledAdam has been on the blog before and has a great casual look going for him, but he hasn’t had some time suiting up lately.  Thanks to his recent influx of clothes because of yours truly, he now has pieces that fit him properly! Now he’s learning from us on how to use them effectively!  You’re going to see a lot of him in our education articles.


First off, check out his patterned shirt! Green and blue go together but his choice of using this shirt and the blue blazer really give off a strong, bold character.  To ensure it’s not too much, Adam pairs this with a silver tie and a chambray pocket square.  He’s a quick learner.


No breaks! He knows what’s good for him.  Even though these are jeans rather than suit pants, they still look great hemmed to end right at the ankle bone. It makes his legs look smooth!

His choice of a dark brown shoe works in conjunction with the dark blue top half of his outfit.  Well done!


Overall, Adam is definitely on his way to becoming one of the greats.  He can even model!

The Entrepreneur 


Jon Hwang is an man who has a whole lot of gear.  He uses it to film and is breaking out into marketing, starting with social media marketing for small businesses.  Even though he spends a lot of his time on set or editing, he still looks good!  He’s been featured before  and always has his signature casual style.

He loves his white jeans with a minimal break and wears his new henley style shirt!  Perfect for long hours on a shoot.


He wears this watch all the time, but can you blame him?  It’s a Daniel Wellington! Looks great with his 70-200mm lens.

UntitledWho knew Tommy Hilfiger made sneakers?  I absolutely love these! Always go one with a good sized gum; anything thinner and it will look too cheap.

The Photographer 


Even though I do take half the photos on the blog, Tim deserves the title of photographer much more than I do!  He recently did a shoot with smokebombs which is on his instagram!  He’s got crazy angles and even edits videos in his freetime.  Couldn’t have asked for a better co-founder!

True to his name, Tim sticks with a simple and casual streetwear look.  Brown joggers, boat shoes, and his iconic boating collar shirt make him look casual and yet ready for a day out.


Can you see his gains through that shirt?  It’s made of a thin material and can be worn by itself or layered up!


Boat shoes come in every color and when you find one you like, you just gotta stick with it.  These have served Tim well for years.

The Blogger


My personal rule is that you have to look good everyday. Doesn’t matter if you’re in a tux or a t-shirt you can always look good!

This outfit is ultra-sprezzy.  Black was a common theme in this outfit, which is grounded by the tie, pants, and shoes.  Grey was the typical partner, present in the blazer and socks; the blue is the pop of color I always go for.


Who said jeans aren’t formal?  When you pair them right, they’re a perfect ( if not better) replacement for chinos or dress pants.  Just remember to get rid of those breaks!   I love wearing jeans with blazers because it adds more texture to the look and dresses down the overall atmosphere!


I’m not a fan of those smooth and shiny suits that most guys go for.  Instead I get blazers and suits with patterns and texture, like this awesome grey windowpane one from Uniqlo.  The pattern makes it old school and the grey makes it diverse!

The tie is a knit one, which is one of three textures in the outfit.  The others are the blazer and the denim of the shirt! It’s one of my favourites that can even be worn casually!  


My black belt broke, so I decided to go with this preppy ribbon belt!  It’s a little secret to show off when I unbutton my blazer.

Yes, I know that the back blade of the tie is too long, but sometimes it’s whatever and you make it rock with your outfit.  That’s what sprezzatura is all about: “studied carelessness”. If it was any longer it would look even more sloppy, negating the look.

We’re going to do these features every once in a while, so you can see more of our personal styles!  So tell us who won today’s challenge?  Did you like the guys who were classed up?  Or did you prefer the more casual guys?  Let us know by commenting below!

Always a pleasure,

Ethan W.

Street x Sprezza

Photography by Ethan W. and Tim M.  

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