What We Wore This Week: w/ the Heavyweights of LaSU

Hey Tim here! (it’s been a while since I’ve written something here SORRY) As our school year comes to a close here at La Sierra University, we wanted to have one last look at the groomed and well-dress here on campus. Our finds this week feature some of the movers and shakers that contribute and make up a big part of our campus, such as our very own President Wisbey and Pastor Sam!

sidenote: I only just noticed, but SUMMER IS HERE (AND IT’S GETTING FREAKING HOT). Kudos to everyone that can wear pants and jeans when it’s 85 degrees plus outside, I just can’t do it. Anyway here’s our picks of the week:

1. Gianluca


I don’t think I’ve ever seen Gianluca NOT look good. I can always rely on him to always be one step ahead of the trends. I remember the first time I’d ever seen joggers were on him (and he still makes them look good.) Apart from being a sharp dresser, he plays a pretty mean sax.

2. Josh


Mr. Estrada here ALWAYS brings his A game to his style. I’m a big fan of the black on black on black. The black blazer spruces up what would be a pretty mean street outfit by itself. Expect to see a lot more of him on this blog in the future.

3. Isai


I came to despise aloha shirts as I grew up in Hawaii. However they have made a very strong case for a comeback in lieu of recent years with an increase in quality, fit, and patterns. Isai this pulls one off flawlessly. (ps. no one has ever made me want to play the piano more than this guy. He’s crazy good.)

4. Forest


Just looking at Forest makes me want to go to the beach. The lightweight, light blue short sleeve button up, matched with rolled up salmon chinos and Rainbow slippers to boot? Literally a perfect outfit for summer.

5. “Mythical” on Dr. Wisbey


I racked my brain and that was the one word that wouldn’t escape my mind when trying to describe Dr. Wisbey here. The window-pane patterned suit is a great mix up from your average black, and paired with a paisley patterned maroon tie – DONE. Always an honor to have his aesthetic on our pages. (*note Ethan bowing in respect*)

6. “Literally the Most Interesting Man” on Pastor Sam


There are too many words to describe how I can’t find any words perfect enough to describe Pastor Sam. He literally kills it everyday. Keeping it simple with a skinny, dark blue w/ polka dots tie against a slim fit white button up, paired with dark wash jeans. The brown leather boots and belt give the ruggedness to his outfit that scream “I AM MAN. BUT I ALSO CLEAN UP PRETTY WELL.”

7. Ethan

You’ll literally never find Ethan not killing with his outfits. (Except when I see him at the gym. He’s working on it though.) Here you’ll actually see a toned down version of his usual style, layering a double-breasted jacket over his t-shirt and jeans. The suede monk straps are a welcome addition.

8. Me


As noted earlier, I can’t deal with pants or jeans as the temperatures rise. Normally I like to match pants with my short sleeve button ups, but here I’m matching it with cut-off chino shorts and Rainbow slippers. It was definitely a lot breezier and less effort for my sake.

I would just like to say thank you all for checking out our Campus Search Tuesdays and What We Wore This Week‘s that we had featured here at LaSU! We’ll be taking a small hiatus for the summer break in terms of featuring our fellow students until the next school year starts, but make sure to stay tuned as we venture outside the school boundaries to bring you the sprezziest people we can find!


Tim M.


Photography by Tim M. 

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