Street Style at Spring Dapper Day 2016: Part 1

Just like the last few times, I went around and shot some cool looks that I saw at Dapper Day!  I know that this is a menswear blog, but I included some gals as well. Just remember that this is only a small sample of the crowds that showed up at Disneyland.

It is also important to understand that many of these people don’t dress up everyday.  Some of these people don’t know the rules of classical tailoring or true vintage style, but thats okay! Dapper Day isn’t Pitti Uomo or a New York Fashion week.  It’s about expressing your style and having fun!  Here’s the first half of the street style I shot.



We start our feature with the Dapper Day Peacock himself, Dave!  He certainly is getting into the Spring spirit by going with very light pastel colors.  Pulling off pastels isn’t too difficult, but utilizing them can be harder if you’re going for an entirely pale outfit.  Call this outfit the sartorial version of palewave! To anchor the pastels down, Dave is using white, marked by his suede bucks, DB jacket, and straw fedora.  IMG_2881

Dave is the master of accessories (as we saw last Dapper Day)  and this outfit is no exception.  Just look at that awesome mint-green 1930’s detachable collar!  I’m going to give him Bonus points for coordinating everything together.  His vest matches his collar and pocket square, while his hatband goes perfectly with his pants.


His vest even has pastel pink!

1.  Florals, for Spring?


How original.  All jokes aside, I love this look! Florals are a great way to dress for spring, and utilizing it under grey (a very mute color) combines a sleek look with some pop of color and pattern.  Very cool!

2.  A Pop of Red 


Her dress is pretty cool, using the red from flowers, tomatoes, and apples!  Props to her guy who uses red in his muted outfit!  However, I would’ve suggested burgundy suspenders instead of straight red as the contrast is too great.

3.  Menswear Inspired 


Gotta say, I love this take on menswear.  Who said that guys are the only ones who can wear a tie?  As for the outfit of the right, it’s fantastic.  The peach double rider is wickedly awesome and incorporation of the white sneakers are cool.  I’d probably wear something similar! I really hope they are disneybounding as something, because they look too good!

4.  Pink and Green


This reminds me of cotton candy, in a great way!  These outfits are perfect for spring and I love that they even coordinated with each other!

5.  Checks and Stripes 


So far, at the time of writing this article, these are my favourite outfits.  The guy on the left is really rocking his “shorts suit” in an epic checked pattern.  It’s a bit monochromatic, but if that’s this guy’s style, he does it well.  As for the guy on the left, I love the use of the striped shirt and the striped bowtie.  We all know how much I love pattern mixing!

6.  Floral ladies 


Great use of color!  I love how they matched their shoes to their dress!

7.  Striped Shorts 


Shorts and blazer + bowtie combo? How preppy!

8.  Nick Wilde and Judy Hops


Clearly they are disneybounding the disney couple with their outfits! I love her use of the cape!

9.  Gangster Squad 


A great use of 1980’s suits to look like gangsters from the late 1940’s.  How did they do so? Well they have low button-stance suits with crazy abstract design ties.  Well done!

10.  Meg and Herc


Great dress on “Megara” and good use of the Dapper Day uniform to do Hercules!

11. Color Combo


Not sure if this man is disneybounding, but he’s got some crazy combos going on!  Gotta love that 1970’s overcoat and the victorian shawl-lapel paisley vest! He’s even got watch fobs!

12. 1950’s Empire 


Use of the varsity jacket, circle skirt, and brow-line shades really make this apart of the 1950’s!  It answers the question “what if Boba Fett and Darth Vader were high school students in the fifties”!

13.  Separates 


Really diggging the guy on the left for his combination of light blue jacket and salmon pants! The gent on the left really knows how to go with a more monochromatic look though.  As you can see, you can always experiment whether you like saturated looks or going minimal!

14. 1960’s Style 


I am really loving this gentleman’s classic 1960’s style!  Slim lapels, slim tie, slanted pockets, cuffs, and fedora; this man has all the details down! Well done sir!

15.  Them Patterns 


Big kudos to this gentleman who is wearing four patterns!  He’s got argyle socks, tattersall shirt, checked jacket, and a hat with a diagonal weave!  I do believe his bowtie is plaid as well!

16.  True 1950’s


Nothing says “1950’s casual” like a gaberdine sportshirt and a short abstract tie. Keep an eye out for our guide to vintage casual wear, coming later on!

17.  The Varsity Team


Another great aspect of vintage casual style is the varsity sweater. These were designed very well due to their inclusion of large, wide  ribbing.  Modern sweaters don’t have this feature and are often very long.  I’ve got to say that this couple wins best dressed, in terms of a true vintage look.

18.  Fantastically Done 


This seasoned gentleman really did it well.  Note his bowtie and pocket square combo: they aren’t matching!  It’s important to have the two be complimentary but not be the exact same shade or pattern.  Bonus points for his black and white spectators, pinstripe pants, and that slick black homburg.

19.  The Wooden Bowtie and Mismatch Socks


This gentleman has got a unique look.  He has a wooden bowtie and mismatching socks! He adds to this with a striped blazer with black accents; its almost like a chesterfield!  As for his lady, I really love the print of her dress and the addition of the fur top.

20.  A 1930’s Suit


I’m very impressed with this gentleman.  He has a true 1930’s suit (note the horizontal peak lapels and the button stance) that has been tailored perfectly without breaks! Very well done sir. I am also really loving the gal in green’s spectators  and the print oxfords of the girl in the floral dress!

21. The Hap’s Mag


Can’t have a complete Dapper Day without including our friends at the Hap’s Mag!  The gals all look great, combining vintage styled hair with modern dresses.  The gentlemen each have their own style, whether its going monochromatic with a pop of red (nice socks!), going floral, or going classic!  Can’t wait to see them again for the next one!


I hope you enjoyed all these looks!  Let us know which one was your favourite by commenting below! Be on the look out for the next post, where we look at the people who attended the Expo!

Always a pleasure,

Ethan W.

Street x Sprezza

Photography by Ethan W. 

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