Part 2: Street Style at the Spring Dapper Day Expo


We used Part 1 to look at dapper day in the actual parks, but there was also some style at the Dapper Day expo!  This was the place to go if you wanted to buy vintage items, get some cool accessories, or even swing dance.  For those of you who don’t want to buy a ticket to Disneyland or California Adventure, head to next year’s expo! It’s totally free!

Master Reese 


As expected, the king of selling vintage menswear was here!  Benny was able to bring in only a small selection of his collection of  vintage suits and dresses but according to him, he did very well that day.  As the king, it was only natural that he wore something epic and rare to the Expo.  It’s a 1930’s peak lapel three piece with a subtle micro-check pattern.  Who ever  said vintage was boring?


Epic use of pattern mixing!


Benny keeps the brown look going with some rare mesh/suede spectators!

1.  White Hot Summer 

Linen plus fours and real buttoned suspenders are a great touch, but look at his freakin’ shirt.  It’s a pull over, but the placket goest right to his belly button!  Fantastic details!  Bonus points for the high argyle socks and suede saddle shoes.

2.  Linen Again 

A linen jacket is a great touch for a spring day!  With a blue shirt and trousers, you’ve got a classic look going.

3.  The Great Gatsby 


Always great to meet a follower!  This is Christian and I love his outfit.  It’s a tweed three piece (just missing the jacket) paired with the classic contrast collar shirt and regimental striped tie.  He even color coordinated with his boater!  I hope to run into him more; he’s a swell guy!

4.  The Panama and the Feather 


This lady is the mastermind behind The Feathered Head, a boutique that specializes in custom-designed headpieces!  You can see some of their work behind them!  Really great for any one who wants to add that extra touch to their outfit!  As for the gent, I love his optimo panama hat!  Looks like we matched 😉

5.  The 1920’s and the 1940’s

I’m really loving this gentleman’s argyle sweater vest.  It’s not something you see everyday and a great way to make your outfit look vintage.   Its interesting to see how they mixed eras, as he is clearly the 1920s-1930s and she’s doing the 1940s (with her curls in her hair).

6.  Plus Fours Again!


Another seasoned gent with linen plus fours!  This time, an awesome late 30’s early 40’s tie is used to give the outfit a bit more pop!  It’s a huge contrast to the more workwear-vibe the other gentleman had.

7.  Sprezzatura 


Khaki suit, suede wholecut oxfords, and the sprezza-tie; all fan-freakin’-tastic.  Probably the best dressed modern style guy there!  I wish I got his name, but I believe he was a vendor selling vintage suits!  Well done sir!

8. Vintage Goodness

This gent is wearing an awesome  flecked suit and a fantastic hand painted tie.  All these details make his outfit exude the late 1940’s!

9.  A Great Group


Really love that blocked stripe bowtie and the mesh spectators on the gent!

10. Best Buds 


The panama and the brown jacket and pants are great for spring, but its the bejeweled glove and cane that got my attention! The boutonniere is a nice touch!

11.  The 1950’s Does the 1910’s 


The sleeve garters and the lapeled vest are details of the 1910s and early 1920s, but the spectator derbies and the slicked pompadour are the marks of the 1950’s!  All together, its very well done.  There’s nothing wrong with mixing pieces that you like to create your own style!

12. Dashing Debonaire 


I had the opportunity to connect with these gentlemen at the expo.  Miguel (on the left) is one of the minds behind Dashing Debonaire, a haberdashery dedicated to melding menswear and philanthropy. They craft awesome patterned pocket squares and bowties, all done domestically and by hand.  This group even uses their proceeds for charity and many of these gents can be found volunteering.  It’s a swell company and I look forward to speaking with them again!  You guys can all expect a blog post on them in the future!  Check out their website and instagram.  They have great products; I even bought two pocket squares from them at the Expo!

13. Dapper Bros 


All great looks, but the man in the center certainly wins.  He’s got white pants and a striped blazer; it calls to mind the look of those 1920’s regatta uniforms!

14.  Western Wear 


You can definitely be dapper while going for a western look!  It’s not pictured, but the man has a handpainted tie as well!  Western styled clothes do in fact have a mark in vintage clothes.

15.  Zootopia


More great zootopia looks!  I think the outfit on right is perfectly cute; the skirt has a great print and the shoes are amazing!

16.  Casually Cool


It’s hard for me to remember, but this looks like a seer sucker tuxedo.  This gentleman puts some personal style into it with an off kilter top hat, retro 70’s shades, and even wearing a seersukcer tie.  Well done!

17.  The Mad Hatter and Alice


A great dapper take on the characters from the disney classic “Alice in Wondwonderland”.  Really digging the boater with the appropriate hatband; changing up your boater’s hat band is a great way to change it up, since most boaters have the same colored hatband (black or red and blue).

18.  The Goorin Bros. 


These two were manning the Goorin Bros booth!  I love their style.  She’s got a little bohemian vibe goin on and he’s definitely dressed for spring!

19.  Some Great Fedoras 


Very vintage inspired, but the best part is  their fedoras.  They have great shape and are a perfect match for dapper day!

20.  Mustaches and Bow Ties 


Shorts and jackets are a trend this dapper day!  I love the use of the pink linen shorts to off set the paisley dinner jacket and black captoe derbies.  The gent on the right adds to his “dapper day uniform” with the official Dapper Day pins!

21.  A Dapper Disney Family  


It’s always fun when your family gets in on the dapper-ness!  Even the baby has some cuffed chinos!  Maybe he’s been looking at reddit 😉 


I hope you enjoyed this spring’s edition of Street Style at Dapper Day!  As you can see the event is always a lot of fun, whether you’re at the parks or just going to the expo!  Check out the official website for more info.  I’d love to see some of my readers there!

Always a pleasure,

Ethan W.

Street x Sprezza

Photography by Ethan W. 

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