Experimentation: Layers and Caps

It’s been an odd spring here in Southern California. The weather has been going up and down; at the time of writing this article, the weather was at the low 70s! Might not be bad for you East Coast people, but it’s definitely weird for us!

Thanks to the cooler weather, Rajesh and I took this opportunity to experiment with both layers and ball caps. It’s not the newest of trends, but it’s definitely something new for both of us. How do you think we did?


Underneath the cap, Raj’s oufit is still his typical style.   He still has his trenchcoat, striped shirt, chinos (hemmed with no break), and monk straps. The only thing that’s different is his cap! It isn’t flat brimmed like  the snapbacks used in streetwear outfits.  Instead, this cap is classic, with a curved brim.  It’s pretty close to those dad caps, but the bigger logo sets it apart!



Out of all the hats in the spectrum, I think that the ball cap is the most casual and laid back. It’s definitely cool to have the preppy combo of chinos and button up contrasted with a red golf cap. However, I think it works and is perfect for these oddly cool spring days.


Shirt from J. Crew, Fulton Fit Chinos from Banana Republic, Coat from Zara, Shoes from Johnston Murphy 



I am really not a fan of the cold, so I layered up.  Instead of just sticking a cap on what I’d wear normally, I decided to wear my 1950’s flannel cap with something different. My outfit has a more “Americana/workwear” vibe thanks to these olive chinos (with exposed pockets), heavy work shirt, and chino vest. I added the 1940’s bomber jacket as my top layer due to the cold and the fact that its one of the most badass things I own.  Maybe next time, I’ll wear it with my usual trousers and tie!


What I love about this outfit is that its much more casual than Raj’s fit, which is pretty new to me. Normally, I’d wear a baseball cap with a tee, jeans, and sneakers for a normcore-esque outfit, but I thought I’d try the challenge of wearing my cap with something a bit more tricky and layered. I think that all of the colors work together pretty well since they’re all earth tones (green, brown, and blue) and they can definitely be utilized in formal outfits as well!

Just in case you were wondering  my cap is true vintage 1950’s flannel one, with a button I got from a store.  It’s my version of the dad cap that Tim wears, with the embroidered minimalistic logo. 


1940’s Jacket, 1950’s Cap, Thrifted Ralph Lauren shirt, Thrifted Chino Vest, Pants from Banana Republic

Now wearing a cap isn’t something new; dadcaps have been a huge trend this past year on both men and women. Just like the fedora, I think that this hat is here to say.  It’s the most casual piece of headware that works great with any look, whether you’re going preppy like Raj or trying something a bit laid back like I did.  Can’t wait to use my hat more!


Let me know what you guys think!

Always a pleasure,
Ethan W.

Street x Sprezza

Photography by Ethan W. and Scott E. 

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