Snapshots at Dapper Day Spring 2018


After a night at the expo, it’s time to dress up for a day in the Disneyland parks.

Can you guys believe that our first Dapper Day blog post was three years ago? In fact, 2015 was the year the blog was launched and I can’t believe how far we’ve come.  While the format and styles have certainly changed, I think the vision is the same.  I mean all I do is write about what we did and what we wore while doing it.  Not exactly the coolest thing, but I’m grateful to those of you who have stuck with us this far.

Like I said in the last post (and all previous articles), the Dapper Day Outing at Disneyland is a bi-annual event that takes place in the spring and fall that encourages people to attend the Parks in style!  Naturally, we opt for a more vintage/classic menswear approach, but all manner of dress is appropriate.  As LA is a place starved of fashion events for the regular joes, my friends and I hopped on this immediately, with my first Dapper Day taking place in 2013, fresh from the latest Gatsby film.   I don’t have many public pictures of it, but it was a lot of fun as a bunch of people from my university came and dressed up

We continue our tradition of attending, but things have certainly changed since I first covered it in 2015.  I myself have stopped going to Disneyland and let my pass expire, as I simply don’t have as much time as I did as an undergrad.  As I lamented in the Expo post, while there is burgeoning classic menswear community here in LA, not many of them are free or have the ability to spend an entire day at Disneyland.  Additionally, I’ve decided to stop pursuing random people for the sake of streetstyle photographer as I found it too time consuming and frankly not worth it, as the bi-annual Disneyland Outings have moved from being fashion oriented to being more about DisneyBounding/cosplay.  There’s nothing wrong with any of that, but it might mean that classic menswear might need to find something new to do.

Regardless of the style of the attendees, I still think it’s worth it to attend Only a few of us are able to actually enter the parks now, but I think it’s fun if you simply think about it as a well-dressed day at Disneyland.  Spencer and I still go on our favorite rides, check out our favorite attractions, and stop for a some Disney-themed food.  Obviously a regular day at Disneyland would probably be better served by wearing jeans (or shorts) with sneakers and perhaps choosing a less crowded weekend, but we’re used to it by now!  Plus, going to Dapper Day not only is the only time we actually have motivation to go to Disneyland, but it allows us to show other attendees that there is definitely an alternative to wearing clip on suspenders and bowties!


Nothing really beats a navy + cream combo for spring/summer tailoring!  Spencer does a 1930’s spin on it with a DB (note the wide set buttons), a pair of RRL cinch-back linen trousers, and some sweet 1930’s cap-toe spectators in spectacular condition.  Even though the jacket is vintage, the fit of the pieces isn’t something outrageous or zoot suit-esque.  The jacket fits well around the chest and waist, and the shoulders are pretty close to something contemporary even though there is a little bit of padding.


The combination has some vintage vibes but it’s not as inherent as a 3PC tweed suit or something pinstripe.   Of course, it’s the small details that give it a more vintage edge.  Instead of a bold 1950’s swing tie, we opt for our tried and true striped shirt + patterned tie, with an unpinned brown stripe spearpoint and a  pink sideways checked tie.  If you count the subtle stripe in the jacket, Spencer accomplishes triple pattern mixing!


“Ain’t it H–L to be poor?”


As a tribute to the first Street x Sprezza Dapper Day post, I decided to wear the same suit: a purplish-brown 1930’s peak lapel beauty.  We even took the pictures in the same spot!  The suit is actually a 3PC, but I decided to go sans waistcoat in order to keep it weather appropriate.  Like Spencer’s suit, this one has a pretty contemporary fit, which stems from the fact that it’s from the early 1930’s.  In that period, shoulders were narrow, jacket’s a had a slim waist, and trousers were flat-front with a medium leg opening.  In terms of silhouette and design, it’s pretty close to an English suit!


Are you that surprised that I wore a blue stripe spearpoint and a blue brocade tie?  When I was making this outfit, a few people suggested a burgundy tie.  While I don’t deny it could be an acceptable choice, I prefer wearing blue with brown: the color is a bit softer and more easy-going in my eyes.  In general, I think it works with this summer-tailoring look.

I couldn’t forget my optimo panama hat as a final touch.  Interestingly enough, it’s not vintage and was simply purchased on eBay a couple of years ago.  Thanks to it’s rounded top and center ridge, it’s a bit more interesting than regular fedoras (felt or straw) and flat caps that most people opt when dressing up for Dapper Day.


Sundays are incredibly busy at Disneyland, whether it’s Dapper Day or not.  It was so crowded that we weren’t even able to park until after 11AM!  Despite it being packed and busy, filled with both regular and dressed-up people, Spencer and I were actually able to go on all of our favorite rides like Guardians, Indiana Jones, and Star Tours.  We even had a few opportunities to take some fun pictures.

I wish more classic menswear guys were this silly.


Popcorn boys.



Our pal Jeremiah in a casual, vintage inspired look.



Frappucino break. 



Ethan receiving some bad news.




Just want to give our pal Jeremiah a quick shout out.  Even though he’s two grades above me, he’s been a faithful friend that has joined me at almost every Dapper Day even though he’s not a big fan of sartorial clothing.  In the past, he’s worn some of my suits but this time he opted to wear his own clothing.

It’s a little bit 1940’s casual with a modern twist.  On the top he has a thrifted black and white rayon aloha shirt which he kept full for a slouchy look.  Instead of cream or tan trousers, Jeremiah opted for the wide legged seersucker trousers from Uniqlo which, while wide, give the outfit a little more of a fashion-forward edge, especially since he cuffed them for a slight crop.  Then, he tops (bottoms?) it off with white socks and penny loafers.

I’m definitely replicating this look sometime in the future.


We ran into our friend Juliano on the boat, rocking some great commissions from his job, Beckett & Robb.  It’s tough finding menswear guys who like to have some dorky fun at Disneyland!

While I do love the pinned contrast collar and silk tie, the real star is his wool-silk DB jacket.  Houndstooth is one of those patterns that is inherently “vintage looking” especially when it’s on a large scale like this and on a DB (which people seldom wear).  I like how Juliano customized his order by being unstructured and with the inclusion of patch pockets.  It may be a smart, old school piece, but it looks incredibly easy to wear.

Don’t forget to note his suede kiltie loafers!  Now that’s a baller move.



He proposed to his girlfriend on the Mark Twain! 


Peak lapel boys.





Traded some greenbacks for a couple of Mint Julips.



I don’t take pictures of girls often, but I couldn’t resist snapping my friend Felicia! She’s a vintage enthusiast and Disney nerd, so it’s only natural that she is able to blend the two together.  Amazingly, she found a vintage dress that definitely emulates the wedding dress from the live action Cinderella movie.  I definitely like it when people are able to evoke the style of a Disney character with real clothing, vintage or not!



Near the end of the day, we were able to hang out with our good friend Adam!  After Indiana Jones, we decided to break out my flash and take a few American Apparel style pics, just without the semi-nude women.  He’s wearing the same 3PC suit as the last Dapper Day but he decided to add some extra fun with one of the red 1920s-novelty spearpoints from SJC.


Silly boys.


After saving the Resistance (read: rebels) on Crait and eating some yummy pasta from Pizza Port, it was time to go home.  Obviously so much has changed since the first time I decided to write about Dapper Day.  We don’t pursue random people for pictures anymore, but now we’ve actually expanded our friend group so that we can have a normal day at Disneyland, just in some great clothing. The only downside was that my feet have calluses and one heel was actually rubbed raw.  If only I could spend the work week in sandals to let them recover!

Even though we always have fun and get to go on our favorite rides, I’m honestly getting a little burned out by Dapper Day.  Don’t get me wrong, I still had a lot of fun  taking silly pictures with my well dressed friends!   It’s always super crowded and it really seems that the Dapper Day attendees are shifting more toward being Disney/cosplay centered rather than fashion centered.   It’s not a bad thing, but it just seems that we have better turn out at the Dapper Day Expo, in terms of classic/vintage menswear. It probably helps that the Expo is only $10 while a one-day Disneyland ticket approaches $200!

While Spencer and I may just attend the Expo in the future (and go to Disneyland on a regular day), I’m glad that Dapper Day is expanding to other venues for events.  Lately, they’ve been doing outings to different museums like LACMA and the Natural History Museum, which are devoid of Disney connotations.  Fashion events are hard to come by here in LA (that aren’t industry/celebrity restricted), so you can bet that I’m always on the hunt to find stuff to go to!

The next Dapper Day is in November for the Fall outing, but you can catch the next LACMA event for the David Hockney exhibit! I actually already saw it at the MET, but I wouldn’t mind seeing it again with you guys.

Always a pleasure,

Ethan W.


Street x Sprezza

Photography by Ethan W. 

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