Upcoming: J. Crew Event at South Coast Plaza


Ethan does another menswear event, this time at the mall!

And yes, I know the picture isn’t at a J. Crew but you gotta make do for a blog post, ya know?

This Saturday, November 3 you guys can hang with me at the J. Crew Men’s store in South Coast Plaza (located in Costa Mesa). I’m going to be there with Suavecito, Spencer (who will be on the clock), and some refreshments!

It’s mainly an event to celebrate their fall line.  As a guy who hasn’t really shopped at the mall in eons (other than the occasional Uniqlo colorful sock run), I’m pretty excited since J. Crew pretty much kills it in terms of casual wear.  In particular, I’ve been eyeing the red barn coat ever since Spencer told me about it; I’d dig it with some chinos for those 70s/80s ivy vibes!

So if you’re in the area, please do stop by!  I know a few of you guys live near the OC and couldn’t make it to The Bloke’s One Year party, so this is for y’all.  I’ll be taking pictures (as per usual) and will be picking out my favorite items to write about (akin to my usual Trunk Show coverage).

While the store will have normal operating hours, please RSVP using this link. I’ll see you November 3, at 1PM at J. Crew Men’s South Coast Plaza!

Always a pleasure,

Ethan W.

Street x Sprezza 


  1. Randy · October 30, 2018

    As I am sitting here in Uniqlo jeans and Brown Brogue boots, I am up in the PNW. Good Luck.


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