SadCast Show Notes: Style vs. Fashion

Spencer and I discuss the dichotomy between style and fashion and how we couldn’t care less about it.  Honestly though, whoever wins, we lose.

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  • [0:25] Introductions
  • [1:10] WAYWT?
  • [1:45] Sweatshirts, Ethan’s New Obsession
  • [4:45] Topic:  Style vs. Fashion
  • [7:05] What is Style?
  • [8:00] Common Takes About The Dichotomy
  • [10:10]  Spencer’s take
  • [10:25]  Are Style Icons Actually Stylish?
  • [11:35]  Pictures of Cary Grant, tailoring vs. casual (golf), ivy in later days
  • [12:25]  Picture of Jimmy Stewart late 40’s wearing broad shoulder and bold tie, either in Bold Tie article or Spearpoint article, and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington soft shoulder 30’s suit
  • [15:25]  Fred Astaire tie-as-a-belt
  • [15:45] Classic Ethan burp
  • [19:00]  Ethan Newton sawtooth and sport coat
  • [19:40] Balenciaga shoes
  • [25:40] Marco is the most stylish person Ethan knows
  • [35:20]  Article: Microtrends within Menswear, Simon Crompton
  • [48:35]  Q&A

Richard Gere

He looks okay…but that lapel and the shoulder oddity is just gross.

Jimmy Stewart in broad shoulder sand low button stance in 1940.

A softer suit.

Slim 1920s style tailoring.

Getting wider.

Extremely full cut, with wide shoulders and a low button stance.

Tie as a belt.

Ethan Newton in a sawtooth, brass button DB, jeans, and velvet slippers.

A rather nice outfit making use of the chunky sneaker trend.



Marco, who is one of the most stylish and fashionable people we know.


Honestly, the whole thing is a dumb, arbitrary argument and you really need both to be well dressed.


Nenad: “Hello Ethan, I am devoted reader of your style journey and I find it interesting and educating. I started the style journey myself 4 years ago and found great pleasure in the pursuit of style which as most of them have ups and downs  (which are funny from this perspective).

I started my journey in provincial small town in south east Europe and continued in London and have been observing the state of menswear through bloggers,photographs, lookbooks and non the less watching the people around and this is what I found. True classical menswear is disappearing and it has become mostly business for dressing wealthy gentlemen to whom it is focused.

The more I learned and observed the more lonely I become but also developed some kind of personal style and not giving a f… what anyone will think of it and it feels good. People like you and your friends keep it real and fun but the truth is classical men style is left on individuals and most of its protagonists are selling it pretending to saving it. These are my sincere thoughts and I would love to hear what you think of it. Thanks.”

Response:  Classic menswear inherently has privilege and is a business. It’s up to regular guys to help push the narrative that we can wear it (or aspire to it) despite not being well-to-do or being in the industry. Taking it off the “gentleman’s pedestal” and a form of pure personal style/self expression is the key!

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The podcast is produced by MJ Kintanar with notes by Matthew Beecher.

One comment

  1. tomm_cheung · March 7, 2020

    The SB 3P suit defines how a suit should balance! Button stance errs on a higher side but this may well be very 1930s.


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