Making Friends, Giving Up on Menswear, Wide-Leg Pants, and Non-Menswear Interests

Here’s what you missed on the most recent Style & Direction bi-weekly stream!

This week features EthanSpencerMJKiyoshi, Aldous, and Jason.

We went through some of our archives for submitted questions and answered a few of them on stream! We actually had a lot of smaller question which are currently being edited and put into a compilation video, but for now, enjoy these larger topics!

How To Make Friends in Menswear

Joris, an online friend and reader of the blog, asks us how we make our menswear friends. He mentions that there aren’t a lot of menswear events where he lives (think trunk shows and Bullshot Book Clubs) and that his IRL friends aren’t particularly interested in clothing.

Unfortunately, we don’t have much advice to give him, since Spencer is the only real menswear friend I have. We’re lucky that LA used to have a few menswear events thanks to The Bloke, but in reality, most of our friends come from online, like the SxS Facebook Group or the Style & Direction Discord. It’s on those platforms that we keep our menswear fix satiated.

Sure, it helps to have some semblance of menswear IRL, but I’m perfectly fine hanging with my other nerd friends while I wear tailoring. As we discuss in the stream, it’s more important to have multi-facted friends that you get along with regularly and perhaps most importantly, can understand your obsession with clothing.

Have We Wanted to Give Up on Menswear?

This one was a deep question. I’m not sure if he meant this from a clothing standpoint or a career standpoint, since a few of us mix business with pleasure. The short answer is “no, not really”. I currently no longer officially work full-time in the menswear industry, but I will definitely still wear classic and vintage clothing; nothing could stop that.

In terms of buying, I also don’t think I’ll ever be done. As we discuss on stream, a few of us have taken breaks from regular buying, but nothing will make us stop completely. We’re always on the hunt for more jawns, as our contemporaries at Throwing Fits would say.

Extended Thoughts on Wide Leg Trousers

As a companion piece for the essay/podcast on Wide Leg Trousers, I ask the boys for their own thoughts on the menswear phenomenon. They don’t wear it as much as Spencer and me, but they at least appreciate it and don’t hate on it like mainstream MFA guys do.

Non-Menswear Influences on Personal Style

This topic was submitted by our friend Marco, who is a dancer and avid motorcyclist outside of being one of the most stylish people I know. We’ve talked about the lifetsyle of menswear enthusiasts before, but this stream goes deeper into our hobbies and insular interests.

Personally, I never saw myself inspired by my hobbies since they mainly revolved around composing film scores, playing video games, and collecting Star Wars toys. However, I think the reverse is true: my style evolution lead me to appreciate the arts more, creating a dialogue that has resulted in my interests in painting and photography, both digital and film. There is no doubt that I get menswear inspiration from those interests, but I’m much more aware of their menswear roots.

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