Issues with Soft Tailoring and On Menswear Storage

Here’s what you missed on the most recent Style & Direction bi-weekly stream!

This week features Ethan, Spencer, MJ, Kiyoshi, and Jason.

Issues with Soft Tailoring & Vegan Menswear

After briefly going through this PTO article, Ethan and Kiyoshi discuss the issues with soft tailoring and how a lack of shoulder pads makes it difficult to fit athletic people properly, mainly due to sloped shoulders. I still maintain that menswear is best done soft, but if you’re dressing on emphasizing a physique, it can have a few challenges.

We also talk about how being vegan (no animal products allowed) also makes it hard to be into menswear. Not only does this remove wool products for the cloth, but it also prevents the use of a horsehair canvas, which provides the form and life of a tailored garment; it also means no shoulder pads.

This is a topic I hadn’t thought about discussing before, mainly because I’m not a vegan and I love soft shoulders.

How We Store Our Clothes

This has been requested from us for a long time and I’ve put it off, mainly because I still live and home and my house isn’t exactly photogenic. However, we finally discuss it officially on stream: our menswear storage.

I take you on a brief tour of my room, showing my large closet and multiple racks of clothing. Almost everything I wear (save for heavy overcoats and leather jackets) are in this room, so it’s perfect, since it allows me to keep stock of all my clothes. Obviously we’re still in spring/summer, so that’s what’s currently out on “display”; my fall/winter tweeds and flannels are currently in a plastic tub awaiting the day to come out.

And yes, we do make use of wire hangers for our shirts and trousers, but that’s because we don’t and to just throw it away! Not to worry- my sportcoats and suits all use wooden hangers.

Making Fun of Jason’s Dad

Above is a great examples of the comedy bits you get when you watch our stream and listen to our podcast.

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