High School Fits and “Trolling” RMRS

You thought Old Ethan was over? Think again- there was even more cringe before the Gatsby/Gangster Squad era of my life.

Here’s what you missed on the most recent Style & Direction bi-weekly stream which features: Ethan, Spencer, MJ, Matthew, Kiyoshi, and Jason.

More RMRS FB Group Shenanigans

So it’s no secret that I dislike Real Men Real Style nd a majority of menswear youtubers. Not only is their content rather repetitive and sponsored (more on that later), but the communities that sprout forth are extremely close-minded, especially when it comes to menswear.

Some of our regulars like Ivan, Jason, and Philip have taken it upon themselves to “troll” the RMRS FB group. Not overtly, but in a lowkey way, simply sharing outfits of theirs that are fantastic to the initiated but horrendous to that community. They vehemently hate white socks, high rise trousers, pleats, and a lot of other things that I’ve dedicated my life to writing about. I even jumped in with a few fits and was also not well received, even when I told them I’m not attempting to be formal in the slightest.

It’s all a case study in showing that followers of that type of content lack awareness to the outside world. To them, everything is done as a means to an end: casual outfits are to be plain and attractive while suiting is done for office purposes only. One wonders if these men even have a semblance of artistic endeavors.

High School Reminiscence

This was a fun topic brought up by Kiyoshi. The boys and I discussed outfits and brands we remember from our high school years, which was just as cringe as you can imagine.

I rather liked it (and talked a lot about it ) because it was my opportunity to give context to Old Ethan. That blog/pod was about how my early attempts at style were bad, but it didn’t cover how bad I was before I even considered vintage menswear (which was my first step). With the lame graphic tees and rectangle frames, I was the epitome of nerd.

Of course the other guys had fun stories, but they definitely tied into where they are today. Jason wore Hot Topic and girls’ jeans to achieve a skinny, punk look. Aldous wore rugby shirts and classic clothing. Spencer even approximated vintage looks before he got into period collecting, simply because he liked watching old movies when he was a kid.

Unfortunately for MJ and me, we had to wear uniform five days a week and church clothes on Saturday- there was no room to even think (or see) other styles! When we did have the opportunity not to wear uniform, it wasn’t good at all.

Here’s a few of the outfits that I referenced in the stream:

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