Watch Me Edit Photos


If you’ve always wanted to know my secrets, here they are! Just don’t tell anyone. 😉

I was pretty happy to be able to get a real holiday break. For two weeks in December, I was “off”; I’m using quotation marks to show that I still had to check emails and manage campaigns that went live during that time. However, I didn’t have any meetings or any huge projects—it was great!

During that time, I was able to see my friends. With Omicron going around, we weren’t able to do a big group like we did during the summer (where vaccinations gave us some notion of safety), but a few of us were able to hang out within reason. And when there’s a hang out, there’s always an Ethan snapping outfits.

Since December was also our break from the podcast (we do episodes for three months then break for the the fourth one), I thought it best to give out some extra content via our Twitch channel. You guys know that I’m an avid hobbyist photographer of both digital and film varieties, so naturally I livestreamed my editing process (which is something I’ve always wanted to do). Again, I’m a hobbyist and not a professional or a true artist—I just take photos of what I like and edited them in my own way.

I’ve included the three streams here for you to watch. You’ll note that I don’t really have a true guiding principle other than personal taste of what I think looks right. I’m very particular, but I also don’t like over editing; perhaps you’ll have to tell me if I’m trying too hard (I almost certainly am). I actually toyed with making this an actual essay but after multiple drafts, I realized that I was probably better to show by doing. Here you’ll see photographs taken by beloved Canon 6D, my nifty point and shoot digital cam (that I used for my fancy dinner). I even had a night where I show how I edit my scanned film, emphasizing just how tedious it is! In fact, most of this is quite tedious already (perhaps it would be less so if I just shot my photographs properly), so I apologize if I run out of steam near the end of each livestream.

Hopefully you’ll be able to get a bit of my photography/editing philosophy by watching these videos! If you like them, I’ll try to do more in the future, though it will most likely be me editing the fit pics I take with my tripod (also known as glorified selfies).

I also added the final edited photos below the videos so you see them in their full glory.


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Always a pleasure,

Ethan M. Wong

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