Just The Facts Ma’am: The March ’22 Bonus Episode, Making Outfits, and GQ Menswear Grails

That photo is me running away from Esquire Man and embracing the 80s/90s Yuppie style.

Anyway, enjoy the newest bonus episode and some fun streams!

March was a busy month. Had a few work projects, a few dates with my girlfriend, and spent six hours of my life watching the new Batman movie (I saw it twice). Unfortunately for you guys, there wasn’t anything in the cinema proper to cover for style, so this latest bonus episode takes it back to the glory days of when we started the Patreon. MJ, Spencer, and I simply shoot the shit, talking about the stuff we’ve been watching (American Crime Story: Impeachment, The Firm, Winning Time) as well as some fun anecdotes that may or may not have already been shared on stream. I guess we’re just too used to talking and filming ourselves.

You can listen to the preview below, but the full episode (and our awesome Discord) is available when you join our Patreon.

Quite yuppie.
I actually like this! It’s obviously similar to most of the iGent attire from the luxe menswear crowd, but I can appreciate it for its slouchy silhouette and somber styling.
Do they look like bad guys?
Just like with Seinfeld, it’s cool to see “costume-y” menswear elements worn straight. The time when men wore fedoras kept going!
He doesn’t really look like Clinton.
Bad inspo for the yellow OCBD?
Now this I can get into. It’s basically Spencer’s recipe for Going Out.
The jeans are raw hemmed.
Grey suit inspo.
Inspo for Spencer to wear a cap with tailoring.

March Streams

If you’ve been on our Youtube and wondering where our streams are, don’t worry— you can watch them in their entirety on our Twitch! Since we do react to existing videos, we can’t put every stream on Youtube. However, the ones that are standalone content are fair game!

This first one was a fun idea that was inspired by the photo editing streams I do. Instead of showing the painstaking process I do to edit my photos (which are all for fun, as I seldom take freelance work anymore), I bring you in on my outfit creation process. It’s typically done all in my mind but I take the extra effort to explain my process to the viewers (as well as Spencer and MJ who were in the Discord call with me). Obviously this makes it come across a bit more manufactured than how it typically goes, but hopefully you guys see how these micro decisions all come together and can even lead to developing more outfits in the process (aka the backlog I referred to in the Outfit Repeating essay).

The funny thing is that I have since calmed down on my volatility; perhaps writing that essay got it all out. Now I make outfits closer to the day I wear them (its still a bit in advance because I get excited), allowing myself to take in more inspiration, rather than getting it all out there at once. I’m not sure if that affects the process at all, but it reduce the size of the backlog considerably. Instead of seven or more outfits hanging, it’s only 2-3 at a time!

And lastly, we react to this GQ article which lists 50 of their editors’ picks for menswear grails. We’ve talked about the post-pandemic mood of menswear and it’s almost like contemporary menswear is starting to appreciate archival clothing (previous season collections from designer) in a way that echoes the new generation of vintage collectors. The term “vintage” gets muddled to include things from the 70s-90s (which hardcore vintage heads hate), but I enjoy it as it overall puts more emphasis on details rather than era for era’s sake.

Anyway, to my surprise, there were a few great things in that list. I’m not sure if that is telling about my menswear journey (which is always on going), but I have been feeling a bit more appreciation for fashion fashion lately. More to explore in the future!

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 EthanMWong | StyleandDirection

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