Spencer’s Little NYC Trip

It’s hard to believe that this was in 2018!

After almost six years, Spencer was finally able to go to NYC…albiet on a work/school trip. He was able to squeeze in some menswear shenagins (as well as rock a few fits that he could never do in LA unless it was way into the evening), so we talk about it on the latest bonus episode of Style & Direction.

You can listen to the first 15 minutes of the bonus pod below, but you’ll have to subscribe on Patreon to get the RSS feed of the full episode (as well as access to our Discord).  At least you can scroll through Spencer’s photos and get a taste of what he was up to!

Got a tour of the NYT newsroom.
The podcast finally getting the recognition it deserves.
My most trad outfit on my last full day in town.
Ivan cameo!
Reporter style on display.
Visit to the Armoury, feat. Alex.
Met a freak.
No problem with he message but “man” isn’t a pronoun.
Outfit for hanging out in Central Park. Courdoroy seemed appropriately “country”.
Weird fish eye shot of me w/ Marc Lacey, the managing editor of the NYT.
My outfit for the flight and first night in town- wore a sport coat for the flight to save room in my bag.

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 EthanMWong | StyleandDirection

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