Dressing Like Drake’s: Denim, Sportcoat, and Sweater Vest


Drake’s London is one of my favorite RTW companies that I’ve discovered during the course of my blogging.  I think I’ve mentioned it many times (here especially), but their ties are probably the closest I’ve seen to 1930’s style ones especially due to the fact that they are usually untipped with handrolled edges.  Overall, I’ve been a fan of the Drake’s style and I decided to dress in their style for this blog post!  Not every brand (or blog) can advocate these three pieces to be worn together: a sportcoat, denim, and a sweater vest.

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Ryan Gosling’s Style in “La La Land”

Much to everyone’s surprise, it took me a few weeks to actually see La La Land, a story about two struggling artists pursuing their dreams in Los Angeles.  Sounds pretty familiar, right?  After seeing the film (which I loved by the way), I decided to write this article, which goes into Ryan Gosling’s (or his character Sebastian or “Seb”) style and attire in the film.  Since the film is currently in theaters, the pictures I have included are pulled from paparazzi or BTS images, but I’ll be sure to update them with actual screenshots once its available.  I’ll try to keep my article about the clothes, but there might be spoilers so beware!

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