Inspiration: Matt_XM

Contrary to popular belief, there are times when I get inspiration from people other than tailors, designers, and other sartorial enthusiasts.  When going casual, I often look to my friends for outfit ideas.  Thanks to MFA on reddit, I’ve been able to become friends with Matt, who is one of the best  and most creatively dressed people I’ve come to know.  He is my inspiration for this post.


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Ethan’s Style Inspirations (Or Guys You Should Follow)



As I’ve admitted many times before, I have not always dressed well.  In fact, it took me halfway into my first year at college for me to start wearing button up shirts (that didn’t fit).  What inspired me to dress well was looking at the guys on campus who looked like I wanted to look.  They walked around with confidence, each having their unique outfit that made them special.  I was jealous! I craved to the ability to look good and not just wear shorts and a tee everyday.  Eventually I realized that I should stop wanting to dress like them; I should just do it. Read More