Tee Shirts and Trousers 5: Untucked with Wide Leg Seersucker Pants


Expanding my casual side is definitely something I’ve been trying to do lately.  If you follow me on Instagram or watch me closely on Male Fashion Advice, you’ll see that it’s been happening slowly but surely.  As we get right into the beginning of “real summer”, there’s probably going to be a lot more of these posts since it’s the best way to try new ways to dress down.

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How and Where To Buy Clothes


A question I get asked most often is where I get all my clothes.  The second most asked question is how do I afford it.  While its true dressing well can be expensive, it’s only expensive when you go for high end products and never shop sales.  Here, I’m going to explain to you some of the tricks of the trade I’ve used to amass my wardrobe.  Just remember that my style is very affordable.  

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