Campus Search Tuesdays feat. President Wisbey!

Here at Street x Sprezza, we’re not about designer brands or obsessing over the newest trends; we’re all about personal style.   Today, we bring you a weekly post just about that.  Every Tuesday, Ethan and I will be going to go around our campus and shoot people who we think dress well and exude their own unique sense of style. While it is true that many of these people are doing what’s trending, they aren’t overdoing it.  They’re using current trends to add to their personal style and make it their own!

So be ready and look your best every week!  We just might choose you as the winner for the best dressed guy or girl!

The “Gold Standard” on Royce


I called this outfit the “Gold Standard” because i think the combination of a long sleeve button up, khakis, and boots are one of those  go-to outfits that can look great on everyone, and Royce perfectly exemplifies this with his style. I own a pair of desert boots myself and I wear them with my jeans all the time.

The “Not Even Trying” on Aldenn


I found myself naturally attracted to Aldenn’s outfit because I dress myself almost exactly the same lol. Once again you can never go wrong with a long sleeve button up and jeans. Cuffing the jeans allows for more attention to be drawn to the shoes, and that works perfectly with the pristine white of his Converse’s. His haircut tops it all of for a very clean look.

The “Upscale Sport” on Ariel


Sportswear has finally evolved from the baggy sweatpants and sweatshirts of yesteryear. Today, it has become a norm and is considered wearable on every casual occasion, shown here on Ariel. Sweats nowadays fit a lot slimmer to the body just like jeans, and when brought up to the calf like he has done, it once again allows more attention to be drawn to the shoes.

The “J. Crew Casual” on Jon


The perfect execution of this outfit lies in the details. Jon rolls the sleeves of his shirt and the cuffs of his pants, successfully bypassing any slouchiness that can occur from longer garments. Jon utilizes a new way of cuffing jeans, called “pin rolling.”

The “Jean Shorts are Back” on Ian


Spring is just around the corner, and Ian is already looking ready for the new season.

The “Blacks and Boots” on Roland


Simple, yet still makes a statement.

The “Flowers on Florals” on Amber


The addition of the backpack blended perfectly with her outfit.

The “Sweater Weather Chic” on Daniella


One of my personal favorites, I think the “pleather” leggings with boots combination works flawlessly with the muted blues of her sweater, and the brightness of the bag balances everything.

The “Man, the Myth, the Legend” on President Wisbey


Ethan here.  President Randall Wisbey is taking a page out of my book and wearing a Hugo Boss window-pane suit, just like me!  However, instead of pattern mixing, he decided to go with a plain lavender shirt that echoes the color in his tie. It’s a bit too conservative for my taste, but a man in his position doesn’t need to peacock.  His outfit is clean, professional, and exudes the authority he already has.

The “Jean Shirt Blues” on Kevin


Those shoes.

The “Go-to” on Raj


We’ve seen outfits like this on Raj a couple other times on the blog. You could say this is definitely one of his “go-to” combinations.

The “Collegiate Delivery Man” on Jay


The touches of brown found in his shoes, belt, and bag make this outfit really pop. This is another great looking example of “pin-rolling.”

The “Bohemian Birkenstocks” on Kaitlin


A perfect example of the “Boho” style. While I myself am not the biggest fan of the Birkenstock sandals, I can make an exemption this one time because she looks awesome.

The “America on Fleek” on Brennan


Right down my ally of expertise. Joggers paired with Jordans and a short sleeve button up buttoned to the top. A great example of the new trends currently going on in the world of streetwear.

The “Jogger-Jacket Combo” on Alexis


The substitution of joggers instead of your regular old chinos puts a trendy twist on this classic look.

The “Pop of Red” on Kelly


I’m loving the touch of deep red that Kelly’s skirt adds to the otherwise cooler tones of the rest of her outfit.

And the winners are…

The “Coachella Chic” on Candace


Candace’s style really won Ethan and me over today. For real though if I was a girl I would’ve totes worn this today.

The “Churro Break” on Jon


There really is too much to say about Jon’s skill in layering and color combinations. Blue is one of those colors that can match seamlessly with blacks and browns, and he pulls it off with the addition of his tan cardigan. And don’t get me started on those shoes. BRUH. Too fresh.

Congratulations to Jon and Candace for winning our Weekly Campus Search! We will be having a majority of our campus searches on Tuesday right after chapel around 12:00 PM, so if you want a better chance of showing up on our next post make sure to keep an eye out for us and dress your best!


Tim M. 


Photography by Tim M. and Ethan W.

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  1. kirkstanovich · February 25, 2015

    I love this! This is a great way to go about street style! 🙂


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