Wearable Women Wednesdays with Lara

This week’s Wearable Women Wednesday features the lovely Lara!

The “49 Shades of Grey and Some Yellow” on Lara


“My personal style is all over the place. I would call it “the lazy guide to boho or very simplistic”. It changes a lot because I go through a lot of phases. Typical. For example over the summer I tend to take inspiration from the festival season and let it influence my style. During the colder seasons I dress on a very grey scale.”



“I rarely wear sneakers; you would find me in either boots or flip-flops. There rarely is an in between.”



“My style also depends on what I’m doing that day. You’ll rarely see me in anything tight. I love baggy. Baggy anything. Jeans are baggy? Throw on a baggy top. For me it’s just the most comfortable thing.”



“I like the whole “I just rolled out of bed and didn’t really try hard look”. It encompasses the free spirit vibe you get from SoCal, which I LOVE. I love anything that screams free spirit and good vibes. Holla.”


Layering has always been a necessity when it comes to keeping yourself warm in the chilly seasons. However due to the ever changing nature of trends as of recently, there have been a lot more options in terms of being able to showcase every layer of clothing. What’s the point of wearing a bunch of clothes if your not going to be able to see all of them?

That’s why I love how Lara put together this outfit. The cropped fit of her inner sweater allows for a larger area of her white tee to come through, while the over-sized cardigan allows for variances in length compared to the other garments. She utilizes a pop of yellow in her scarf to break up the monochromatic blacks and whites, with the differences of the gray’s in her outfit also giving some nice depth and variety. I also have a current obsession with Chelsea boots, and Lara’s matte-finished heeled version works perfectly with the rest of her outfit.

For real though I’m loving this outfit. She mos def woke up like this LOL.

Fashionable yet effortless.

Thanks again to Lara for being our featured Wearable Women Wednesday! If you’d like to be our next feature hit us up at inquiry.streetxsprezza.@gmail.com


Tim M. 


Photography by Tim M.

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