Wearable Women Wednesday with Antonella

I love when someone has not just one style, but a variety of different styles.  Antonella is no exception.  When I first got to know her, I was surprised that she was actually interested in vintage fashion.  As we kept talking I realized that she was a fellow fashionista and I’m glad we finally get to have her as our Wearable Women Wednesday!  In this edition, we get to feature three distinctly different outfits from Antonella to show that her style isn’t confined to just one type.

1.  An 80’s Princess


 Antonella brings the 80’s back from the past with this awesome ensemble.  The pastel blue skirt outline and the pink crop top give this a graceful princess look yet the faded denim jacket gives a “don’t mess with me vibe”. Her attention to detail is really fantastic, as she even accents her pastel blue in her outfit by having blue eyeliner.


“I’ve been wearing a lot of high waisted skirts for a while now. They help create the illusion of being taller and having longer legs.”


“This past month I started experimenting more with bright colored makeup. I picked up this matte eyeshadow in ‘Mochi’ by Sugarpill Cosmetics a while back and I love how pigmented it is and how well it stays put. It’s also fantastic at layering.”


“I’m obsessed with this yellow Furla bag that actually came out of my mother’s closet. I don’t know why she never used it. I think it’s splendid.”


Jacket from Forever 21,  Top from Zara, Skirt from Bliss San Francisco, Shoes from Vince Camuto,

Bag from Furla, Scarf from Tiffany & Co.

2.  Holly Golightly in 2015


It’s like Breakfast at Tiffany’s if it took place in the California desert rather than New York City.  This is a simple outfit, with a white button up and jeans, but the gold necklace and the Prada sunglasses really make it evoke an affluent energy.   I’m always a fan of a minimalist yet classy outfit.


“Even though the metallic bag trend has passed, I still use this tote quite a bit. It’s roomy and it has a pocket for everything. The embossing on the bag also adds a nice texture.”



“I’m a violinist, and it’s not too much fun when things get in the way of your playing, which is why I usually keep accessories to a minimum. I can still have fun with collar necklaces though.”


Check out that bag.

Love the oxford-ish shoes!  It’s always nice when a girl wears these kind of shoes.  It’s different than sandals or flats.


Shirt from Urban Outfitters, Jeans from Free People, Tote from Michael Kors, Shoes from French Connection,

Collar Necklace from Urban Outfitters, Earrings from Urban Outfitters, Sunglasses from Prada

3.  Dark Biker Chick


I’m always a fan of leather jackets.  The pop of red accents her lipstick and the addition of heels rather than boots lets others know she can still look badass and feminine.


“Life changes when you get a leather jacket. I’ll never regret this wallet burning purchase because it goes with everything in my closet and it’s incredibly comfortable. The dark hardware allows you to use any colored accessories so you can dress it up or down.”


Another feminine touch to an awesomely badass outfit.

“A lot of what I put together are heavily influenced by Chriselle Lim and Alexa Chung. I am nowhere near as good as Coco Rocha when it comes to posing for photos, but wearing an outfit that you feel great in can add that extra confidence boost you need to get anything done.”


Jacket from Porsche Design, Top from Forever 21, Skirt from Forever 21, Shoes from Forever 21,

Bracelet from J. Crew, Earrings from Urban Outfitters

Overall, Antonella’s got great style.  In my conversations with her, she maintains that you don’t need to spend lots of money to be fashionable (a point i live by).  In particular she frequents second-hand stores, consignment stores, outlets, and thrift stores in LA to find high fashion items for a considerably cheaper price.  I think we can all start doing that more.

What I love most of all however is that she was able to create such different outfits each time but show off her wardrobe. Having three outfits per featured person is something we’re going to start doing more, so you can get to know more about a person’s unique style!

So what did you think?  Which outfit was your favourite?  Let us know by commenting below!

Always a pleasure,

Ethan W.  

Street x Sprezza

Photography by Ethan W. 

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