“The End of An Era” – Graduation 2015


I did it guys.  I graduated college in 3 years with Summa Cum Laude.  However, what I’m most proud of is the outfits I wore for graduation weekend.  Since this was a momentous occasion, I decided to go all out with what I wore.  Even though I went out with a bang, I still aspire to continue to grow my ideas on fashion and style and use that knowledge to help you, my faithful readers, look the best that you can be!  So here are my three outfits for my proudest day!

1.  Consecration 


I’m Seventh-day Adventist, and consecration is the Friday evening service where we consecrate (or make sacred) the graduating class.  Since this was only a short 3 hour service, I went with something simple yet spectacular.  Doing these types of looks are great because it really defines what sprezzatura is:  studied carelessness.


Modern prep is the theme of this outfit.  Even though I kept some old school elements like the striped tie and the oxford shirt, I had to add some new touches.  Just check out that deep purple blazer with peak lapels.  It’s absolutely killer.  I combined it with simple light grey trousers since it’s hot!


Your pocket square shouldn’t match your tie exactly.  It should pull colors from the outfit!  This herringbone pocket square has black and grey, so where are the black and grey…?


Boom, there it is!  Nothing like mixing the formality of black shoes with the casualness of going sockless!  This definitely kept me cool that evening.

Thrifted Purple Jacket from TopMan, Oxford Shirt from H&M, Thrifted Black Belt

J. Crew tie bar from Ebay, Grey Chinos from Express Men, Black Monkstraps from Steve Madden

 2.  Baccalaureate 

UntitledThis outfit has perfect tailoring at its finest; everything fits like it’s supposed to.  Shoulders are right, the pants are slim and have no break, and the vest is snug.  This suit is definitely one of my favourites.


Pattern mixing like a mother.  The suit’s got a birdseye pattern which goes over the plaid vest, encapsulating the oxford shirt and hawaiian print tie.  That tie is another throwback for REVO and was handmade by Rajesh himself! Definitely contact him if you want one.


Even though three piece suits can definitely mean business, I believe that with the right attitude and the right tie or pattern, it can be worn casually.  My goal is to change people’s opinion about menswear; you can have fun and look good simultaneously.


A surefire way to have that aforementioned fun is to get some cool shoes and cool socks!  Not all men’s shoes are lace-ups or made of leather!  Just get your hands on these suede monks!

Blue Birdseye Suit from H&M, Thrifted Plaid Vest, Suede Monkstraps form Banana Republic, Socks from J. Crew

Oxford Shirt from Forever 21, Tie from REVO x  Rajesh Imparaj

3.  Conferral of Degrees 


Oh you just know I had to go vintage for the day I got my degree. I went straight 1930s for this outfit, complete with the peak lapel three piece suit with contrast collar shirt and diamond tip bowtie.  Not much to say here except to enjoy the vintageness.
UntitledYes I realize that my bowtie is tied horribly.  Forget about that and look at this amazing fabric on the suit!  It’s brown with orange stripes!  It’s very Boardwalk Empire.  If you haven’t seen that show, I suggest you check it out!


Yes sir, my parents got me an awesome pocket watch for my graduation! I love them so much, not just for this but their support.  I’m going to need it very soon!

Vintage 1930’s Peak Lapel Suit, Custom Made Spearpoint Shirt from Natty Shirts,

Shoes from Stacy Adams, Diamond Bowtie from the Tie Bar 

It truly was an awesome weekend, filled with friends and family.  Now, I’m on my own, still searching for a job and continuing to blog about the various ideas I come up with for fashion and style.  I can only hope for continued support by these same people as I embark to find what I want to do with my life.  While fashion may change, my style won’t.  Even after graduation, I promise I will be here to educate you guys and show you how to shop effectively and wear your clothes well.

Always a pleasure,

Ethan W.  

Photography by Scott Espanola and Vince Hernandez.  


  1. Peter K · June 29, 2017

    Congratulations Ethan!


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